30Daysmeme, On the Set

Day 24 of 30 days of Fiction: “24) Write a scene on a movie set”

In FaeApoc setting, or, at least, meta about the faeapoc setting, specifically the web-serial Addergoole.

Fae Apoc has A Landing Page (LJ Link).

“So, wait, what’s supposed to be going on here? Isn’t this a little unbelievable? Instant lust at first sight?”

Arthur rolled his eyes at Mindy. The actress had the arrogance and the look to play Shahin, but she understood none of the subtlety, and he was pretty sure she hadn’t even bothered to read the script, much less the source material.

The girl they’d gotten to play Kailani was a brilliant actress, but that was the only way she could ever be called brilliant. She didn’t need to be, of course; her lines were all written for her. The guy playing Conrad had the smile down, and that was all he really needed. Olly, playing Jamian, on the other hand, was so impressive at the role that Arthur had yet to figure out if the actor was in actuality a guy or a girl.

And Arthur himself? He stepped up to Mindy, setting a hand on her bare back. “It’s not quite first sight,” he murmured; “they’ve been courting all week. And, of course, there’s the magic to contend with.”

“The magic,” she said flatly, thinking, clearly, that it was a come-on. Yeah, she hadn’t read the script.

“They are made for each other,” he smiled, without a touch of shame. “Almost literally. They are carried away with lust, not because they’re both so damn hot,” he allowed that to be a smirk; both he and Mindy knew they were good looking, after all, “but because the touch of bare skin sends something like electricity through them. They get carried away by the feedback from her power.”

She looked up at him through long eyelashes; they’d even gotten the height right in their casting. “You’re really into this, aren’t you?”

He pressed his hand against her. “I like to know where I stand.”

Yeah, he thought, grinning to himself, they’d cast Emrys right, too.

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7 thoughts on “30Daysmeme, On the Set

  1. Ba ha ha! That is so amusing. I love the little references to someone playing Kai and Jamian. You don’t have to be brilliant if your lines are written for you…

  2. Pondered skipping since I’d only read the first few chapters of Addergoole (up to Chapter 10 now) but curiosity won out. Good to see the fictional casting director did their job well. I’m enjoying pretending that Olly who is playing Jamian has conspired with the producer to actually make a thing of not revealing their gender for as long as possible. “Wait! The doctor’s office scene! We’ll find out then if we hang out on the set.” “Sorry. I’ll be wearing a special marked up body stocking to help with the computerized FX.”

    • …damn, all my Addergoole icons but this one are in the DW account… You’re reading Addergoole? Yay! (it gets better. Then it gets dark. Then it gets better again). *grins at the image* I love that. It’s a bit of meta-fun, too; Olly is a character of undetermined gender in a Year 8 Addergoole roleplay I’m playing.

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