Random pondering

Looking at other people’s icons, pondering my own.

I seem to have, generally, icons for a theme, icons for a story/character/setting, and icons that mean me. Other people seem to have “mood” icons. I wonder why I don’t?

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15 thoughts on “Random pondering

  1. I’ve only gotten emotion-based ones recently. I use them sometimes. I’d say do what works for you. I need to get my request in tonight.

    • I’m still pondering. Right now, it’s between Winter and Dragon Baby, and leaning towards Dragon Baby (or a My Little Clydesdale)

        • Hee, yes. (did you get something in this round?) Also… it’s the only setting for which I have 0 icons.

              • My request was this (made it up as I went along): I’d like a fennec, one of those super cute floppy-eared foxes. With little hoops or small gemstone earrings in her ears. Possibly a turntable or at least a CD in hand. I think she just turned into a DJ. And no, I have no reference stuff, I just kind of made that up off the top of my head. Have fun! I was thinking more punk than cute, but I will take cute!

                • You know, if the fennec geekboi I’m playing in an Addergoole play had a feral form… this could be him. His Keeper is a multi-pierced DJ.

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