Hee! (also help?)

Hey, guys, I won the auction for [personal profile] recessional‘s worldbuilding help (sort of a frivolous purchase, I admit; there goes my yarn budget for August)…

…so what world do I want her help with? It shouldn’t be Reisassn, I think, because that’s a project I’m working on with Spouse!Man. That still leaves a lot of worlds!

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4 thoughts on “Hee! (also help?)

  1. Heeee. I was very tempted to bid on that one towards Torn World, but that would probably not have been very nice of me. I’ll jump up and down for “Dragons Next Door”, but I really don’t know any of your other worlds yet, so it’s not a very meaningful vote. 🙂

  2. Stranded! Um, I’ve really been liking Stranded. Dragons feels like a bit of a parody/humor setting, and those don’t need as much worldbuilding. I’m biased.

    • Stranded is way up there. Which reminds me… what am I writing for Nano? ;-D I was tinking of turning _The Deep Inks_ into a novella.

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