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Summary of the last 2 weeks!

…and the stuff I did that WASN’T my call for prompts….

I pondered What Basalt Looks Like
what Ceinwen & Thorburn’s changes are (LJ)for Year Nine
What the Wild Tribes Wear (LJ), for the Planners
(because I won another icon (LJ) from [personal profile] meeks)
and linked some
IRL Planners (LJ)

We discussed Strong Female Characters (LJ) (please weigh in)

I asked for help (LJ) finding a new WYSIWYG HTML Editor

[personal profile] morrigans_eve wrote me a kissing fic! REID/HERMIONE!

I started thinking about house things. (LJ)

Um. I wrote some, too. 🙂

The Purple Bag (LJ) is a Misc-world adventure

Thorburn and Ceinwen (LJ)had it out, a little

Rin & Girey didn’t (LJ) [donor perk]

and Bettie got ready to. (LJ)

I rebooted (LJ) an old setting
And another one (LJ)

And, as always, I linked some art (LJ) and some more (LJ).

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Summary – Call for Prompts round-up!

A week ago, I put out a call for prompts about abduction.

I got a number of prompts, and have written all through the week.

Unsurprisingly, Addergoole got its share:
Three-Way (LJ) – Year 9
June Again (LJ) – from the roleplay Timeline,
an Addergoole student who didn’t want to go home, from sometime in the future of Addergoole

I also wrote:
Scent (LJ), from the Generation Ship,
Two people, both abducting the other,
a warrior, who grows fond of her captor, and
an abduction by air,
a rescue into slavery,
an escape aided all unwitting,
a rescue, too late,
a clever idea gone wrong,
a road trip gone awry,
a captive who didn’t give in to Stockholm,
a captive being rescued,
a captor caught in her own trap,
a crack kidnapping team beating the BAU to the punch,
a puppy rescued from an untenable situation, and a
college boy with ropeburn.

I believe I will stick to a schedule after this: I’ll put out a call the second Saturday after the first Tuesday of every month.

I have two more stories left to write to donations-for-continuations.

Because the money in the jar exceeded $30, I will be posting a poll for which story I should continue into a 1-2K-word story.


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