Archive | August 14, 2011

Wordlbuilding: The trip

So, I played around a bit with the map of Reiassan.

Assuming an average travel of about 16 miles a day (the terrain is hella rocky, and they don’t have remounts), I blocked out 4-day legs of the trip (conveniently, 1 longitudinal minute(for this planet; Earth’s is 69mi)

It’s a really messy map, and I have to figure out what to to with the one coastal drabble that now doesn’t fit. But. It says that the base length of the trip is 92 days.

This doesn’t include things such as the layover in Ossulund, of course, or the two nights in the cave, but even with that, we’re talking ~ 100 days, or 1 season.

Well, now I have to a) figure out the length of the Reiassani year/season, and b) edit the trip for seasons.

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