Ask the Characters 1: Kendra

Kendra, a slim, mousy girl, complete with mouse ears and nose, walks into the room nervously, and settles into the big rocking chair, looking out at the gathered audience. Her hands smooth her blue skirt uncertainly.

“Um, hi?” Her voice is a tiny squeak. “Professor Pelletier said you wanted to ask me questions?”

Kendra is a character in the Addergoole web-serial.

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21 thoughts on “Ask the Characters 1: Kendra

  1. Hello, Kendra! I’m B, and I’d like to ask you some questions, is that alright? Oh, good. Well, for starters, where do you come from? What did you like to do as a child? Is your Mom a good cook?

    • Kendra blinks, a little startled. “Oh, wow. Hi, B. Nice to meet you.” “Um. Well, I grew up outside of Charleston, that’s in South Carolina. My Dad and I had a house in the suburbs, and I, um… well, I was really good at crafts, I guess? And I liked cooking stuff. “I never knew my Mom,” she admits. “Dad never really told me where she went, and there weren’t any pictures of her around, but if Ofir is telling me the truth, well, maybe he never really knew her, either?”

        • Warm. Not like out here. She curls up a little in the chair. I miss my bedroom. I miss my computer. Dad wouldn’t let me bring it. Ofir wouldn’t have let me have it anyway, so I guess that’s okay. I miss the sun. I miss being warm.

    • She perks up thoughtfully. I love magic classes! Sometimes they’re outside, and I’m really good at them, and when I’m in magic class, I get to do magic, which is awesome!

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