Ask-the-Characters session: Audrey (Dragons next Door)

She left her apron at home; the woman who steps into the interview chamber is coiffed, trench-coated, and pretty; when she hangs up the coat and fedora to sit down, she looks like a 30’s screen siren. Blond-brown hair falls in perfect ringlets. A tea cup comes to hand, and she smiles at the audience over it.

“I hear you have questions of me?”

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31 thoughts on “Ask-the-Characters session: Audrey (Dragons next Door)

  1. On a somewhat related note, do your children not have non-human classmates? I was surprised to learn that some people at their school don’t seem to believe in other races.

    • They have non-human classmates: pixies, brownies, elkin, those sort of Races that are mostly human-shaped. And I don’t think that they were so much no believing in dragons, as not believing that Junie was spending time with them. Humans normally don’t, you see.

  2. (Having asked … I now find myself flailing for questions better answered here than in stories.) What do you want for your kids? Would you encourage Juniper to study at the Pumpkin (if her interests seemed to lie in that direction)?

    • I want my children to be happy, healthy, and wise. I want them to find a road that makes them happy, but I want it to be an honorable road. If Junie truly seems a fit for the Pumpkin, I will send her there with my blessing, but I don’t think that that will be her road.

  3. What defines (makes?) (someone) a dweomer? Humans with talent, inclination, or training in magic? Family tradition? Something else?

    • Ah. Well. I speak to human dweomers, because I do not know if other races have them. Would they speak of them? Hate them? Fear them? Love them? I’m not brave enough yet to ask. But a dweomer, as far as we can tell, began as a dream, a spell, a strong emotion. Began I say, because once dweomers came into existence, they vanished into the human race. They – ah. We. Look the same. Act the same. Except for the magic in our veins.

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