Giraffes, Post, Etc.

The money keeps coming in, so I’m going to keep the call open a little longer
Here on DW/Here on LJ

We reached the $75 dollar level! Everyone who prompted can get a second prompt, and we can get a wheelbarrow! (Also boots. Or a pizza, T. is dithering on the boots).

We are now $25 from the everyone-gets-three-prompts-written level!

If you only left one prompt, please feel free to go back and leave a second.

The second issue of Alder by Post is available.
If you donated $7.50 or more to the January Giraffe Call, or $50 or more in the last year, you may have one for the asking.
Otherwise, to cover printing & postage, each issue is $2 in-US, $2.50 outside (Or $3.50/$4/50 for two issues).

What is Alder by Post? It is probably not the world’s smallest literary magazine, but it might be close! It is a postcard, with a short story on one side and a tiny related story on the back, mailed to your doorstep: Alder… by Post. 🙂

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