Pure Snow White

For [personal profile] avia‘s prompt.

He was pure, pure in a way that was hard to come by in this day and age, cloistered, sheltered, and entirely untouched by sex, by pornography, by initiating fiction or racy photography.

His education, up in the tower built for him, was thorough, complete, in the subjects of history, mathematics, sciences, linguistics, politics, and literature. His penmanship was exquisite, his debate skills sublime, his Latin and Greek perfect, even his embroidery enviable.

The only hole, as it were, in his education was in the arts romantic and sexual. Every reference to sex, every kiss in every story, every love poem, every bawdy joke was cut from his reading. As carefully as he had been educated, he had been allowed to remain ignorant, nay, intentionally kept as pure as was possible.

Society can only hold back nature for so long, however, and there came a time when the young student, the snow-white pure boy began to have thoughts, feelings, that he had no words for.

His tutors pretended, for the moment, not to know what he was speaking of. They kept him chaperoned at all times, giving him no opportunity to explore his urges, giving him no outlet for his desire. They kept him lily-white, snow-white, pure. They kept him chaste, utterly chaste, while the urges he had no words for rose and rose.

They taught him fencing, boxing, martial arts. They gave him ways to tone his body, to give his urges an outlet. They taught him massage, yoga, t’ai chi. They shaped his body as they shaped his mind: perfect, innocent, and pure. And Wanting.

And then they restricted his physical activity for a month, stopped his fencing lessons, kept him from boxing, refused to fence with him, would not let him even do yoga.

And it was in that state, tense, innocent, and shaking with a desire he didn’t understand that they delivered him, finally, to the one he’d been prepared for… for Snow White to become, as they said, Rose Red.

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