Backpack Gremlins, a drabble of Dragons Next Door

A much-belated 100 words on the Gremlins mentioned here for [personal profile] kelkyag

Guarding a kid’s backpack was, Azdemkious had to admit, easy work, if a little strange.

Az and Kelkathian had drawn backpack duty this week, trailing Sage’s daughter Junie to school and back, watching her, monkey-wrenching anyone who was stalking her – and there were at least three distinct teams doing so, that Az and Kel had found.

It was, as backpacks went, a nice one. Az had done a stint in WWII in a G.I.’s backpack – now THAT had been a mess. Some sandwich crumbs and a spare long, pointy stick were nothing compared to the places Az’d been.


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