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Three Cya-Bois, a series of Vignettes for #Addergoole/Boom-Apoc

This was SUPPOSED to be a little lead-in to a d/s scene with Cya’s Year 21-into-22 boi, Cadwr, but about halfway through the first bit I realized scenes in kid-Yoshi’s-point-of-view were not going to segue nicely into nakedtimes, so, well, here’s three of Cya’s bois through Yoshi’s point of view. He’s 5 at the time of the first one at 13 at the last one.

Nilam (End of Year 12):
“Are you the new guy?” Yoshi could barely see over the dinner table, but he could see the way the guy was squirming from the way his feet moved.

“I… yeah? I guess.” He squeaked. Grown-ups did that around Mom sometimes.

“Can you help me with dessert? We’re having peach cobbler, but I’m not allowed to handle a knife yet.”

“I… she told me to stay here.”

Yoshi frowned thoughtfully. Mom did that sometimes. He didn’t know, maybe doing-what-Mom-said was a grownup thing. He and Viddie didn’t listen that well.

“Okay.” He brought the peaches, a bin, and a knife over to the boy. “I’m Yoshi. Here, make small slices. Of peach. They go there.”

“Nilam.” He was a redhead, but his hair was lighter than Mom’s, and his eyes were very blue. “Very thin slices?”

“Very thin,” Yoshi agreed. He wondered how long this one would be scared for.

Pellinore (End of Year 14)
He’d been pacing around the kitchen until Yoshi got him to help with the apple betty. Now was sitting in his chair at the dinner table, glowering at Yoshi, at Cya, at Viddie, who didn’t understand, at his plate.

Yoshi didn’t really understand, either, but it worried him a little. Anger was new. Anger didn’t seem like a good plan.

“That’s enough,” Mom said, in the You’re in Trouble Mister voice. Yoshi had never heard her use it on a grown-up before. He found it interesting, in a not-me sort of way. “If you’re going to glower and sulk, you’re not going to do it around my boys. You can get it under control, or you can leave the table.”


“Not here,” Mom cut him off. “We’ll argue later, if you want. Right now, you’re going to act like a civilized being or leave my table.”

Yoshi knew that sulky look. Everybody got it around Mom eventually. He shut up and let Pellinore figure it out on his own.

Njörðr (end of year 20)
The kid had been ghosting around the cabin for a couple days, trying to avoid Gaheris, trying to avoid Mom and yet gravitating towards her when they were in the same room. Definitely avoiding Uncles Leo and Howard, but all the smart ones did that.

Yoshi and Viddie were apparently young enough not to be a threat (the guy wouldn’t get within a mile of Eryk or Dora, so it was probably age and not, say, horns), so they found themselves with a Jory shadow more often than not.

“You can follow us around all you want,” Yoshi told him on the third day of this, “but can you be useful?”

“Uh?” The panicked look the guy gave him made Yoshi wonder, once again, whyyy his mom brought home such useless guys (except Gaheris, of course. And Dad.) “Useful?”

Viddie thrust the berry basket at him. “Pick berries, put them in the basket.”

“Oh.” Njörðr took the basket and looked at the berry bush.

Feeling a bit of sympathy, Yoshi added “Watch out for the thorns.”

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Hooked, a drabble of Rin & Girey for the March Giraffe Call

For [personal profile] kelkyag‘s commissioned prompt.

Reiassan has a landing page here.

After Sun-on-the-Water (LJ)

“Sun-on-the-water?” Girey asked, when he was pretty sure they were alone.

“A marriage,” she answered in Bitrani, “between people of decidedly different statuses. Or an informal ‘marriage,’ the sort where you say you’re married when the children come, or after you’ve been living together for a while.”

“Your people have the strangest turns of speech.” He was clearly chewing over the implications, however. That was probably a good thing, right?

“Colorful,” she joked, “like everything here. The Bithrain have a few interesting idioms, too.”

“We’re a much more practical people,” he answered. The lightness in his voice fell flat against his expression. “Decidedly different statuses. Is that us?”

“It could be. It does not need to be.” She leaned against the wall, studying him. “A lot of it depends on people like my Uncle Esnees, and on what’s going on with Elin.”

“You’re considering marrying me.”

“You brought the matter forward.”

“I…” He looked startled. “I did. I was trying to distract your uncle.”

“Well, it worked.” She couldn’t help a smile. “You distracted all of us. But if you decide you find the idea repellent, I can certainly convince the family that Uncle Esnees misunderstood. You haven’t committed to a wedding, of any sort.”

“If I find the idea repellent?” He was looking even more thoughtful. Rin was starting to worry. “And what about you?”

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