Hunting Junie, Part II (A story of Dragons Next Door) (@rix_Scaedu)

After this story and this story, part one of three as part of a fixtion exchange with Rix_Scaedu

Kelkathian watched Azdekious swing over to the other car with bitten-lip worry. Kel knew Az was steady-ready for the job, but these people were unlike anything they’d dealt with in years, decades. They were bound and determined to catch something, anything, a dragon baby or a dweomer child, a harpy egg or a centaur foal.

Kel thought they were government, but it wasn’t a certainty. Mirroshades and black suits could be bought off the rack, after all, whether you were human or gremlin.

Kel put on a tiny pair of mirrorshades, just to illustrate the point, and scanned the area again. Azdekious had Team A well in hand. The Harpies still hadn’t shown up, and neither had Team B, but there was Team C, slinking up the side like they thought nobody was going to notice them being sneaky.

And no muscle in sight, and Kel couldn’t leave Junie’s backpack while Azdekious was out there, doing what have you. It was time to get clever.

Junie had a phone in her backpack, a small pre-paid-plan one for emergencies only. Kel danced on the keys, pulling a little gremlin magic to connect to the hunter’s cell phone and disable caller ID. If luck was holding, he… yep. The jerk jerked like he’d been shocked, and picked up his phone.

“Busy here,” he snarled.

Kel did a few minor tricks to the phone and used a voice simulator they’d dreamed up for pestering telemarketers. “Got some problems…” The phone fuzzed and spat static. “…back right away… real issues… now.”

“Damnit.” The hunter stared at his phone as it disconnected. Kel watched from the back of Junie’s backpack, hoping that would be enough.

Over Kel’s held breath, the hunter packed up his phone, shouldered his backpack, and headed for his car. “Better be good,” he muttered. “Better be really worth it.”

Kelkathian sniggered, but the laughter covered more than a bit of worry. That trick would only work once.


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  1. O_o “these people were unlike anything they’d dealt with in years, decades” is oddly reassuring. This doesn’t seem like a sustainable alert level, not while living in a human city and not involving the human neighbors and/or authorities. Hopefully that trick will work once per team, at least.

  2. Actually, if there’s something like this going on, it would be worth bringing the purely human parents in on it. These various teams are trying to snatch a little girl who’s classmate to their children, after all. All those extra people to phone in details of suspicious cars and strangers…

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