Surprise present for @natalief

, pick a setting/character/something you want to see an extra 300-500 words on, and I’ll write that for you by the end of today-my-time.



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  1. I totally failed to do this, didn’t I. I have just woken up again for my version of Friday 23rd. My nocturnal “day” in the UK may be more akin to a US day but I don’t ever end up getting much done other than reading and knitting. So, thanks again for the offer and apologies for being a flake.

    • Offfer’s still open, no worries, take it when you want it! (It wouldn’t be much of a gift if it had a timeline!) (Also: I had a pounding migraine last night. So you cut me a break)

  2. I have had an idea! I wonder what would happen if a kid (girl? self-insert of me?) with a disability (maybe congenital from the human part of their genetics – parent or grandparent) like MS (which has possibly has a genetic susceptibility component) or similar non-visible disability (diabetes or epilepsy, maybe) came to Addergoole (I wonder what would happen with respect to the disability at their change – if the change would even happen or if it would oh so conveniently cure the disability) and how would Regine eventually deal with the breeding portion of their graduation requirements down the line and how these genetics would affect her ‘breeding project’ as in whether adding this genetics to her gene pool would piss her off – especially if the student with the disability is only recently “it might be MS” pseudo-diagnosed out in the human world before coming to Addergoole and is very high-functioning / normal-seeming (i.e. not many major symptoms – maybe vertigo occasionally and some migraine-like symptoms – much like I was 20 years ago). Wow. Long run-on sentence is long and run-on. Feel free to say you don’t want to run with this prompt.

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