Derailed, Part 1, a story of #Addergoole Apoc

Addergoole-verse, but not related to the Addergoole stories except in the characters used. No sex, slavery, or mind control involved.

Circa 2012-2014





The train was speeding down the tracks, the same route it took every day, the same tracks that trains had been going down for almost two hundred years. Luke had watched it countless times through the years, but never so intently as he was today.

“On three.” He timed his count to the speed of the train as it barreled closer. “One. Two. Three.” His left hand came down, his wings flared, and all four of them starting muttering Workings at their top speed as the train got closer, closer, “NOW!”

Agmund threw off the last syllable of his Working as the train hit their improvised switch point. Caity yelled off her metal-twist just in time, and she and Yixox hauled the train to the right. Towards them. Directly at Luke and Agmund.

They dove to opposite sides of their new tracks just in time, Luke landing in the ditch they’d dug last night, Agmund’s swearing suggesting he’d ended up likewise damp. On the sides of the mound they’d risen, Caity and Akatil kept Working, cutting off the connection between the tracks, slowly rolling their track up behind the train. There was nowhere for it to go but forward.

That, of course, was only the first step. Luke brought himself to his feet and grabbed Agmund’s hand. He hated carrying passengers. Loathed it. But Agmund couldn’t fly on his own, and he needed the Bear’s firepower. He shifted his grip to the bigger man’s armpits and launched them off the ground with a muttered Working for defying gravity. He’d need more than one of those if they were going to catch the train in time.

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    • *grin* Ayup! From a conversation with Spousal Unit that involved the exchange: Him: “So, a train robbery is easier to write than a social interaction, right?” Me: “uh, no.” Him: “you need to write more train robberies.”

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