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Signal Boost of Dooom – @Rix_Scaedu’s #promptCall

I’m a little behind in telling you how awesome Rix is.

From her last prompt call, she wrote me 8,000,000 awesome stories (approximately).

After the Fairy Tale, came from my prompt “Other gender role reversals.” Then she wrote
After The Fairy Tale II to my prompt “The Unwanted reward,” and then to my donation,
After The Fairy Tale III

Well worth a read!

I gave her a ton of prompts, so she wrote a ton of stories! Check out
Dealing With Demons
and, of course, more in her Rensa world:
An Audience, among many awesome stories.

AND NOW she’s doing it again!
Rix’s September Prompt Request is open!

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Alder by Post!

Alder by Post issue Seven is ready to go, and Issue Eight won’t be far behind!

Get in now, while I still have a copy or two of every issue so far!

Issue Seven is an Addergoole Story, set in the Village. Issue Eight is set in a Space universe.

And all of them together make a beautiful collection, as shown by reader & subscriber [personal profile] eseme in these pictures!

Alder by Post
I love real mail.

Not catalogs I didn’t ask for, circulars, coupons, offers of car insurance, or anything else addressed to “Resident.” I love letters and post cards and packages, real mail from real people.

Alder by Post combines the excitement of getting real mail with brand new flash fiction from an author whose work I enjoy. It would be impossible for me not to love this project.

Alder by Post

There are plenty of other things to love about Alder by Post, if you are not a fan of physical mail as I am. The stories (often, but not always, set in one of Lyn’s many fascinating worlds) are exclusives. They do not appear on her website or in any electronic format. For fans of her work, this is a way to get access to all the stories.

In addition to the story, each card has themed artwork on both the front and back. The stories are complete on the front of the card, while a short related story appears on the back. The postcards are also limited editions, so those who enjoy collecting and completing a set will want to order back issues while they still can! Each card is signed and numbered by Lyn.

Alder by Post

I have found that the best way to display your Alder by Post collection is a scrapbook, sized six by six inches (that would be the size of the pages inside) or as close as you can get in metric. While the cards are all roughly four by six inches, some are a bit wider than four inches, and a typical photo album has a paper or plastic backing that goes behind the photo. This means you cannot see both sides of an Alder by Post card if you put it in a photo album, and you might have to trim it to fit the pocket besides. The scrapbook has removable paper inserts, and the cards display beautifully! Be aware that you will get half the pages that the label indicates (it assumes that you will put two pages inside each pocket, not one). However, additional pages can be purchased separately. I found mine at a national chain craft store.

Eseme, a reader

Alder by Post

Get your own now!

Alder by Post
1 Issue, US $2.00 USD
I Issue, non-US $2.50 USD
1 year, US $20.00 USD
1 year, non-US $25.00 USD
2 Issues, US $3.50 USD
2 Issues, Non-US $4.50 USD
3 Issues, US $5.00 USD
3 issues, Non-US $6.00 USD
4 Issues, US $6.50 USD
4 Issues, Non-US $7.50 USD

New Button! If you want to order a new subscription AND back issues.

Alder by Post
1 year, US $20.00 USD
1 year, non-US $25.00 USD
1 year & 6 back-issues, US $28.00 USD
1 year & 6 back-issues, non-US $34.00 USD
1 year and 4 back-issues, US $25.00 USD
1 year and 4 back-issues, non-US $30.00 USD
1 year and 1 back-issue, US $21.50 USD
1 year and 1 back-issue, non-US $27.00 USD

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