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Countdown to Addergoole: Words

52 34 Days To 52 Weeks

For the 52 days leading up to the 52 weeks of Addergoole: Year 9, I will be posting something Addergoole-related (almost) every day.

Today: Words and Workings.

The world of Faerie Apocalypse has spoken-Word-based magic, based on 11(*) Domains and 11 Manifestations, controlled by a number of modifiers, which together can do just about anything in the world.

For a few examples: Cynara digs basements by using Abatu, destroy, with Eperu, earth, modified with a series of Greek words (usually Delta for level, and then the words for cube, level, and smooth). In lieu of a large series of tools, Howard has Meentik, create, and Unutu, Worked Objects, and a long series of specific Greek words for the tools he needs.

(for more on the Greek, see It’s All Greek to Me).

With Buli (ignore) and Kwxe (energy**), you can walk through a fire unscathed. With Aistrigh (transmute) and Tlacatl (Flesh of Makers***), you could turn tears into blood. Want to kill power to an entire building? Abatu Hiko (electromagnetic energy).

Those are Worked magic; each Ellehemaei (fae) also has an innate power. The pure-blooded of any given breed all have the same powers, but every half-breed’s power is different. Porter makes Doors to anywhere. Aelgifu exudes a calming light. Professor Shira Pelletier sees the future. And so on.

There are those that speculate that the Laws that bind all Ellehemaei (the things that make, for instance, Keeping possible) are just an immensely complicated Working. Only the Gods who made those Laws know, and they’re not talking.

(*) 11 that most fae know of
(**) All translations are loose, not exact
(***) Makers: sentient beings, prim. fae and Ellehemaei
(****)Thanks to Inventrix for the Workings examples, and Capriox, whose character Howard is.

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Sentences I love, from my life

“When we bought our house, my father gave me my grandfather’s hammer.”

“My mother brought her pick-up truck down and we went to the hardware store to buy lumber.”

(T:) “If we’re going to be hoarders, I’d rather hoard something we can just take to curb and they’ll take away for free.” (re. our growing collection of glass jars)

(Hob:) [If I was getting a wedding present] “You guys would get a home depot gift card.”

<3 my life

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Upcoming Giraffe Call: Rabbit Safari

(The reason for the name will become clear soon (but not in this post), I promise)

So! [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith will be hosting her monthly fishbowl on the 7th, next Tuesday.

That means my Giraffe Call will be on the 18th, 3 Satyr-days from now.

And I don’t have a clue for a theme. Suggestions?

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<3 Microclimates!

Guys, I am so excited about my garden!!

It’s not a big garden – two 4’x24′ strips – but it’s going wild.

I’ve been very good about watering it any day we don’t have rain (This particular corner of NYS isn’t in a drought so I’m not breaking any water regulations) and the heat has been awesome for my tomato plants. They are just sproinging out all over the place – this is going to be (knock on wood) the best tomato crop we’ve ever gotten, and not just ’cause I went nuts planting plants.

The Finger Lakes climate is generally different from that where I grew up – Lake Ontario has its own band of warmer, wetter weather, so this area, 2 hours away, is colder in winter but less snowy, in general (No giant lake to moderate, or dump snow on us). That’s got to be part of it, the unseasonably warm March also part, and I’m guessing microclimates have something to do with it, too: we’ve got no shortage of water here. I mean, our well has an overflow tube O_O.

I am /very excited/ to see what this crop provides – and we are already eating tomatoes and cukes from our garden!!


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