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Newcomers, a story of Fairy Town for the Giraffe Call

to flofx‘s prompt.

Fairy Town has a landing page here

“I don’t know.”

“It’s a little strange.”

“It’s more than a little strange is what it is.”

“No, it’s just fucking weird.”

Three boys turned and looked at the fourth. His hair was shaped into a foot-high mohawk, his nose, lip, and both ears pierced, and, although it didn’t show right now, he had a tattoo covering his entire back. He looked back at them, just as levelly. “What? It is.”

“Olin, you’re a, a, uh…” Judson trailed off. Olin was a lot bigger than him, among other things.

“So? I can’t say something’s weird? Just because I’m a, a, uh,” he imitated the younger boy. “It’s not like you’re not an uh, too.”

“We’re all uhs, okay?” Joe interrupted, before it could get out of hand. Olin was big, but Judson was sharp. “And Olin’s right. Even if we’re Strange and Wyrd, that… is just fucking strange.”

The new house on the block had a white picket fence. Most of the houses had white picket fences; nobody around here wanted to be the guy with an iron fence, or even an aluminum one that looked iron. It had a concrete sidewalk and an asphalt driveway, like most of the houses. It had a white metal roof and two adorable dormers like eyes, looking like the same floorplan of every house on the road. It looked, to whit, ex-actly, down to the tilted brick chimney, like the house that had burned down there, two years prior.

And the new family, moving in? Looked like clones of the dead or gone Fouriers, lost in the same fire.

“…Fucking weird,” Judson agreed.

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