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For Trix

Cya liked her job.

That wasn’t surprising, really; with the help of her Mentor she’d faked the credentials she couldn’t push through properly, gotten an internship with a company that did something close enough for a resume, and now, three years after Addergoole, she had papers and a DBA saying she was an official security consultant.

What that meant in practice was that people paid her to find the holes in their security, digital and physical, and to tell them how to fill them.

Most days, she could let her power and the things her father had taught her take care of the heavy lifting. Today, however, she was waiting outside a college, looking for a blonde head of hair and a set of antlers she wouldn’t be able to see.

“Hi.” She loved the acid look she got from the girl walking next to her crew-mate. Barking up the wrong tree, darling, and I’ve been barking there longer than most. “I need to borrow you.”

“Great!” She wondered how long the over-done girl had been hounding Leo, from the way he jumped. “What do you need?”

“We’re going to break into a bank.”

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Thanks giving.

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. Along with the football and the feast, there is supposed to be some time to give thanks.

And I do. I am so grateful for the awesome people in my life, for friends, for family, for my awesome husband.

I’m sad to have lost Drake, but grateful for Oli and Theo.

And today, I’m grateful that we have the wherewithal to feast – and I accept eating just a bit too much food today as a celebration of a year of doing well.

And, dear readers, I am thankful for you, without whom my writing would be so much more lonely and so much less fun.

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