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Alder by Post November – December Ready to Go!

Alder by Post November has been mailed; Alder by Post December will go out tomorrow!

November’s story shows us a slice of life in Reiassan; December takes us back to the Science! universe and the Siblings theme.

What is Alder by Post? Find Out Here.

If you donated to the December Giraffe Call, you can receive a free copy of the December Post for the asking – leave a comment here. And I still have back-issues for the asking as well:

Get your own now!

Alder by Post
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If you want to order a new subscription AND back issues:

Alder by Post
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Twin Study, an AU!Addergoole Second Gen

For wyld_dandelyon‘s prompt.

This is non-canon, set sometime after the apoc, well into the second gen of Addergoole

“Identical twins are nature’s clones, if you’ll forgive the whimsy.” Regine held a stethoscope to Ted’s chest.

“I don’t really want to forgive anything.” Ted pulled against the restraints holding her in the chair. “My parents…!”

“Shh. Almost done here, and then you can go back to your classes.”

“What’s this all about? Where’s Bill?”

She’d never know what her father had been thinking when he’d named them that. Then again, the guy in the chair next to her was Kirk, which was fine, but turned out his twin was named Picard.

“Your twin is completely safe and fine. She will attend Addergoole when you have finished your four years here.”

“So you’re going to keep us apart for eight years? What the hell?”

“It’s much easier to determine the effects of stressors when you have a control.”

“A control…”

It was Fili, on the other side of her, who figured it out. “Woah. You’re not… that’s sick. That’s Nazi Sick.”

“Godwin’s Law,” Ted warned reflexively.

“Godwin can suck it. She’s using our twins as a control group. How do you even use someone as a control group? I mean, things happen to people, right?”

“Not… like… comatose people.” Homer’s voice was quiet. “Dr. Regine… what did you do with Sampson?”

“Your twins are perfectly safe. You will meet them again when your four years in Addergoole are over. And now, of course, I must remove the memories of this conversation from you.”

“What about our parents?” Fili’s voice was small. “How can they be all right with this?”

“They can’t.” Ted sagged against her bonds. “But she’s already said she’s going to remove our memories…”

“You are all very smart children. I approve. Now hold still for another moment…”

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Intimately Involved, a story of the Aunt Family for the Giraffe Call (@wyld_dandelyon)

For wyld_dandelyon‘s prompt.

Linda was the first to figure it out.

And, like everything in the family, even that was a lie. Deborah was the first to figure it out, and James was next.

But they were intimately involved; they had all the information ahead of time. The rest of the family only thought they were intimately involved.

Except Cherie; Cherie had the only reasonable expectation of involvement. But the family had never been known to be reasonable about anything, especially where The Aunt was concerned.

“How could you?”

Linda opened with that before she even said hello or “mind if I come in?” She was pushy but not stupid; she didn’t enter the Aunt House without an invitation; she just stood in the doorway and shouted.

There was no use denying it or asking what she meant. Deborah brewed up a pot of tea and stared at her sister. “Well, when a man and a woman lie together, and he experiences pleasure known as orgasm inside of her…”

“Nobody said anything when James came around. You’re entitled to a little bit of romance in your life. But we thought you’d be responsible. You wanted this, Deborah.”

“That’s an assumption.”

“You never… You didn’t…” She sputtered it, as if uncomfortable saying what they all knew: of the four sisters, Deborah hadn’t gotten married early or pregnant even earlier.

“I understand how the family works.”

“Then how could you…”

“I can only assume by the annoyed ghost of an ancestor. I took all reasonable precautions and some unreasonable ones.”

“Except abstaining!”

“I did say some unreasonable precautions.”

“So now what?” Linda had come down from the anger and was looking worried. It made it easier for Deborah to sympathize with her sister; it wasn’t as if she didn’t feel worried as well.

She poured two cups of coffee and passed one through the open door.

“I really don’t know.”

“…Oh. Dear.”

Next –

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Tiny Houses

100_9882 by aldersprig
100_9882, a photo by aldersprig on Flickr.

Awesome gift from Kelkyag, with hens-and-chicks planted in them.


I got these in the mail just after Christmas… what a surprise! And how awesome, too. They are, she informs me, drafts, inspired by something I pinned months ago, but lookit them! Aren’t they adorable?

(“C” is the Thorne Family initial IRL)

Landing Page –> Prompt Call –> Prompts

I have updated my Facets of Dusk Landing Page (LJ). It didn’t take long; I really should write more in this setting.

[personal profile] lilfluff created a landing page, and has up a Look-I-have-a-landing-page Prompt Call (LJ)

And in response to /her/ prompt call, Rix_scedu posted a story in response to my prompt! Land Release

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The Stories Tell… a story of the Fairy Town for the Giraffe Call

To flofx‘s prompt

Once upon a time, they told people to be good to their children, or the faeries would take those children away. And they believed it.

Looking back on it, looking at the paperwork, the faded clippings, I must have been almost two when it happened. I remember being cold, and alone, and crying. Then I remember Mother and Father, and not being cold or alone anymore.

Snowfall showed up a year later. I wasn’t there when we took her, but I remember Mother bringing her home. When we took Rainy Night, two years after Snowfall, I was old enough to help.

I got Tornado on my own. I remember Father looking at me and asking me why, why him.

I remember, too, telling Father that I had always wanted a big family. And that Tornado had been wandering around on his own, wearing nothing but a diaper. Father laughed, and we had another sibling.

Mother is dark and Father is fair, so the range in our complexions is often thought to be the vagaries of genetics. There are a lot of neighborhoods in the city, and we have lived in many of them, so there is little question as to whence come the children with no pregnancy; they are with us when we move. Although we never move too close to where we have found our family. Mother is stern and Father is kind, and they raise us, love us, the way the places we came from never did. They love us as their own, and we love each other as kin.

My parents say that some day, when I’m older, we will find me a wife, dark like I’m fair and stern as I am kind, and we will carry on Mother and Father’s work. But today, I am looking for a little brother.

The night is silent, and clear, and cold. I will name him Clearness, or perhaps Silent Night. His father has been sitting in that bar for hours.

Once upon a time, people were warned to take care of their children, or the faeries would take them, and they believed it.

They will believe it again.

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Late Harvest

So, Wednesday – that would be the day before the major snowstorm, but certainly after a bit of snow – I went out into our garden and pulled the leeks out (most of them), and cut the parsley, sage, and oregano back to the ground.

Parsley is amazingly resilient stuff! It will do just fine as long as you brush the snow off. But with a food of snow coming… it was time for it to get cut.

I used this idea and rolled it into a log, which went into the freezer.

Oregano and sage went into freecycled little jars, topped off with cheap (barely virgin at all) olive oil. That’ll go in the freezer after T. rearranges the freezers this weekend.

The leeks? Deep fried and eaten. Delicious.

I love that it’s December and I’m still pulling things out of my garden. 😀

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Zazzle, and cy’Luca

So! I have the rudiments of a Zazzle store for Addergoole.

And I want to make cy’ree T-shirts. I’ve mentioned this before, I think.
(Ah-HA: here it is!)

First is Luca’s, and what I have is – Luca’s Students
Fight with honor
Love with honor
Live and die with honor

But I’m open to suggestions for that one, or any of the others. Thoughts?

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Adhara Speaks

Inspired in part by this comic –

To flofx‘s prompt

We were born from the same place.

My mother liked to point that out. We’d been born from the same people, from the same place, from the bed. We’d been conceived on the same night, three years apart, each of us.

I don’t know why they kept trying, after the first disaster. But they did. Every three years, on the same night. And every time, the were given another child. And every time…

…well, some attempts worked out better than others, let’s say that.

I was second. I was The Blessing, which isn’t an easy weight to carry, not after Sirius, who was A Burden They Must Carry.

This all fit, I think, into some sort of belief my parents had, but never managed to share with me. It wasn’t Sirius who ended things for them, but Altair, who came three years after me. Well. Altair ended our mother. Our father held on after that long enough to see me, Deneb, Cygnus, and Lyra old enough to last on our own – until Lyra was almost three years old. Until the day passed when they would have conceived the next one.

Then father took out Altair. That was a bloody and dark day, and none of us – those of could feel, those who can remember – will forget that day.

It was a noble and brave thing of him to do. Altair had grown strong and nasty, even though he was younger than I was. But that meant that that left three of us to fend for ourselves – and to handle the monsters born in between.

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Giraffe Call Closing in 24 hours

My giraffe call is still open!

Here on DW, and here on LJ.

The theme is siblings, and we are $15 from the next donation incentive level. Leave a prompt! Get a microfic! Donate, and get a longer fic.

BUT! While it’s still open, it’s only open for a little while longer! A day, to be exact; I will be closing the call in 24 hours from this post, at approx. 10:24 p.m. EST. So get those prompts in quickly!

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