Deaths in the Faerie Apocalypse, Part 1

A discussion in several parts of the near-extinction of humanity in my Faerie Apocalypse Setting.

The casualties of the Faerie Apocalypse came in several stages.

The first few stages focused primarily on cities, especially the cities with the most dense populations, because the returned gods were drawn to those areas.

It is known from the readings of Addergoole that the Daeva and Daeva-bred half-bloods, called succubi as a whole, can feed off of emotion, using it as a combination of a drug and subsistence.

What was not covered in those books was the lesser but still strong effect that masses of emotion – in short, worship – have on all Ellehemaei. Although non-succubi fae cannot live off of the emotions of single people, all fae have a genetic weakness (akin to a propensity for addiction) to crowd/mob emotions.

So the returned gods, who had been exiled because they were trying to be gods, came back to earth and congregated in the most crowded ares they could find.

They, themselves, were the causes of the first casualties.

First, directly: smiting, tantrums, experiments.

Not all the returned gods treated humanity as their personal playground, but some certainly did. Some killed people to prove the point that they could. Some killed people in anger, when the worship was not exactly what they wanted.

Some were being extravagant in showing off their powers, and accidentally, for instance, electrocuted someone, or drowned them, or gave them a heart attack.

In northern Canada, a vengeful deity removed all of the clothing from a three-mile radius in late November.

Another god destroyed a dam holding back a mighty river – not on purpose, but because she wanted to show off her powers of water control.

And some wanted to know what made humanity tick, and took many of them apart in learning it.

This series of casualties, statistically speaking, was a small downturn in the human population. However, it was only the first step.

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  1. That makes moving out of large population centres sound even more sensible if you’re an Addergoole graduate when the Apocalypse starts.

  2. Fascinating! I wonder if Regine and the other teachers (and maybe the library, and wasn’t there an episode with students cleaning up papers about Ellehemaei dissection?) have more data/information about this.

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