Giraffe Call: Beyond A-Z

As offered in April’s Giraffe Call, I got enough prompts & donations to bring us past the 26 letters of the alphabet (all the way to J again!). So now we are open for prompts for non-English letters.

If you left a prompt in the original call or in Twitter, I already have it, no need to prompt again.

Over the next 5 days, I will post 3 stories to non-English-letter prompts. For every additional donation I receive, I will post another story, in addition to the donor continuation already offered.

At $80, I will write two extra 500-word continuations – chosen by prompters picked by random number generator.

Buy an Extension
500 words $5.00 USD
750 words $7.50 USD
1000 words $10.00 USD
1250 words $12.50 USD
1500 words $15.00 USD
1750 words $17.50 USD
2000 words $20.00 USD
100 words $1.00 USD

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