Deaths in the Faerie Apocalypse, Part II

This follows after Deaths in the Faerie Apocalypse, Part I

The returned gods had already started killing people, simply by direct deaths – smiting, experimentation, accident. However, they would up their death count by orders of magnitude when they began fighting amongst themselves.

When two gods fight, they often do so on a very large scale. Fireballs can miss their target. Ditto a cloud of ice. Ceilings can collapse – buildings can collapse. Ruin a big enough dam and a city can be lost in an instant. Set the wrong thing on fire and you end up with gruesome deaths.

The returned gods did all of this and more. They broke bridges, buildings, roads. They blew up gas stations. Any given ten minutes of the gods fighting looked like something out of an action movie (or it looked liked two people staring at each other and muttering. “Destroy Mind” leaves very little residue. But very few fights were conducted that way).

They fought over territory. Some unwisely claimed ancestral lands and then learned that the real meat was in other places, places that small, petty gods had claimed. Some found that three of four of them had claimed what had been different places, once upon a time, and were now one big city.

They fought over laws – how they would govern, how they would work in and around the human laws and power structures. They fought over perceived and real insults.

And then the Ellehemaei who had remained, tired of this show and indignant about the entire thing, got in on the act, and started fighting back.

How and why did the returned gods all return at once? Answer here: / /

Part III:

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  1. Including places where the Shenera Oseraei and the Shenera Enderaei looked at each other, muttered, “Stuff this for a joke,” and punched the third guy in the room?

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