Camp Nano & alpha readers?

I’ve started on what will be my next Addergoole story for Camp Nano:

Fernley sh’Kendra and the Case of the Missing Orders

As if Fernley’s first year at the Addergoole School wasn’t going badly enough, suddenly his orders are going missing. Which would be fine, if that meant he didn’t still have to follow him. Or that his Master – and how had he ended up with a Master, anyway? – wouldn’t still get angry at him.

It’s going to be a long year if he doesn’t figure this out.


My last line last night:

โ€œDon’t worry.โ€ The voice cooed over the chanting. โ€œYou won’t feel a thing. At least, not for long.โ€


I’m not sure about the names. Current Kept/Keeper are Fernley/Fishel. I’m a lot less sure about Fishel than Fernley, but I’m not totally set on Fernley, either, esp. for a title character. Thoughts?


And I could use ~3 alpha readers for this as well. Volunteers?

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