Ummmm so (flightrising)

Soar stared at the hatchlings. “Are they old enough yet?”

Serenade was no good at this mothering stuff, and, besides, she was sitting a nest right now. She let Shiver handle it.

“They’re not grown yet.” Her mate’s rumbling voice was very patient.

“When will they be grown?” The adolescent female’s voice, on the other hand, was not.

“Soon. You took a while to grow, too, you know.”

Soar stomped both front feet. “I want to fight in the Colosseeeeeum. Everyone else gets to fight.”

“Everyone else had to wait for their age-mates, too. Patience, Soar. It will come soon enough.”

“Not soon enough.” She stomped her feet again, sulking. Serenade turned back to her eggs. They would hatch soon enough, too.

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