Hey, look, non-Camp-Nano-Content: Magic Monday!

It’s Magic Monday! What do you want to know about Magic in my Universes?

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0 thoughts on “Hey, look, non-Camp-Nano-Content: Magic Monday!

  1. Everything! (lol) Really, I want magic to be beautiful/amazing/sparkly/mysterious whether it’s dangerous or benevolent (or both) so tell what you want to tell or just write it into things.

  2. I’m always in favor of more about the Dragons Next Door, but you seem not to’ve had much inspiration for it lately, and it sounds kind of off-key when forced. Maybe something in Rin and Girey’s ‘verse? IIRC, exactly one type of magic item has shown up there, those being swords with people’s spirits stuffed into them. Are there other enchanted or magical things? Or maybe more about the “magic sword” from the SCIENCE! ‘verse?

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