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Magic Mondays: Faerie Apocalype – Tlacatl

[personal profile] rix_scaedu Asks:

Okay, if you have Meentik Panida, you can make a sheep, right?

If you have Meentik Tlactl and you’re strong enough, old enough, etc, can you make a person?

Sort of.

Panida covers all aspects of animals: their thoughts (such as they are), their emotions, their flesh.

However, Tlacatl only covers one portion of people (human or Ellehemaei*), the flesh. So, with Meentik Tlacatl at a high enough level (a student could not do this, certainly not a first- or second-year student), you could create a human body.

It would be a soul-less, mind-less zombie however, with no will, no heart and no thought. In order to create an actual person, you would need to use Tlactl in conjunction with Intinn (mind) and Hugr (emotion); this would be an immensely complicated Working.

* Technically, Tlacatl is “Flesh of Makers;” i.e., sentient tool-using beings. So, if you had Tlactl as a Word and encountered aliens, you would be able to Work them.

I am not entirely certain if Tlacatl works on dolphins…

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Magic Mondays: Faerie Apoc, Unutu

In the Faerie Apocalypse ‘verse, there are 11* Domains and 11 Manifestations – Domains being Things You Can Affect and Manifestations being How You Affect Those Things.

Of the 11* Domains, Unutu is my favorite.

Unutu is the word that covers “Worked Objects” and can be anything from a stretch of cloth to a steel girder. At its purest, Unutu is plastic-like – if you are using the Manifestation Meentik (Create) and have none of the other object-like Domains, you are likely to end up Creating something that seems mostly plastic.

However, if you have, for instance, Huamu (plants), you can then more easily create, say, hemp or cotton cloth. Eperu (earth) and you can make those steel beams. Panida (Animals) and you can make a wool jumper or a leather collar.

Of all the Words, thus, Unutu is the one most often combined with another Word. And it can be, in today’s day and age, the most versatile.

Recent discussion on Twitter gives me another example: You can use Jasfe (repair) to repair a pitted, pot-holed road, or you can use it to repair your car once the road has done it damage. Or your tire, once it gets a flat.

With Meentik Unutu and a sufficient knowledge of how things need to work, you can make just about anything you might need.

Well, except food. You still need Huama and/or Panida for that.

And no, we’re not going into Tlacatl here.

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Magic Mondays: The Aunt Family, and Uncles

@DaHob asked about the Aunt Family’s Uncles.

The Aunt Family, as it has been revealed so far, has magic of some sort (Witchery, “the spark”) residing in one unmarried, childless member of each generation. Through an unknown-so-far mechanic, when the family gets too large, it splits; thus there are several Aunts at any given time (Evangaline, Deborah, Becka).

But what about men? Beryl’s brother Stone has the spark, that much is already been determined. And there have been Aunts without the spark as well – Evangaline’s Aunt Asta, for one, was described as mostly a vessel, holding the title for a generation.

The answer is, more or less: the family as a whole has the genetic possibility for the spark. They aren’t the only ones in the world that have it (Their family is very old; they could have the only bloodline that has the spark after all, just spread out over the world over the last millenia), and the Aunt is not the only person in any given generation to hold it.

But their particular family holds that men have other things they need to focus on, and that the magic is in the sphere of women alone. What this means for men with the spark depends on the man, the branch of the family, and the era.

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Magic in Stranded World: Summer

See also Magic in Stranded World.

As mentioned, most Strand-manipulators in the Stranded World fall into three categories: Strand-smoothers, Tanglers, and Connection-readers.

Autumn’s little sister Summer is one of those who falls in between.

What Summer does with the Strands is closer to witchery or charming than to the tangible geometry of her brother Winter or the kitten-tangles of her sister Spring. Summer tugs on the Strands by virtue of charms, hexes, a few muttered words and a few drawn symbols.

Those symbols have the power to hold the Strands into a position, to tug them later into that place, or to keep them from going somewhere: she can cause someone to fall away from good fortune, or to it. With effort, she can pull people together or push them apart.

Although Summer’s power is limited – she cannot use it easily, if at all, without her words and symbols, and it rarely has an immediate effect on anything – it can be immensely powerful as well.

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Magic Mondays: Dragons Next Door and Jin

[personal profile] kelkyag asked: How does Jin do magic?

The oldest child of Audrey and Sage, Jin is quite an interesting specimen. It’s no wonder the Tower wants to get their hands on him.

Many denizens of the Tower are the result of a dweomer-human union. As such, their magic is buried beneath the surface and must be coaxed out.

The Tower sorcerers use complex rotes and rituals, diagrams and dialogues, scripts and spells, to complete their magic; each line in each spell is designed to pull the sorcerer closer to the magic and thus manipulate it.

The Tower is only half of Jin’s legacy, however, and the magic of the Pumpkin is much more organic. Although still relatively untrained, Jin uses a combination of his mother’s witchery and his father’s sorcery in a manner that is both innovative and dangerous.

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Magic Mondays: frodleikr

In the setting of Faerie Apocalypse and Addergoole, Frodleikr is a Word, one of the cornerstones of magic. It is a Domain, a category of thing-to-affect, rather than a Manifestation, which is a manner-of-affecting.

[personal profile] clare_dragonfly asks: When was frodleikr lost, and how the heck do you even lose a Word?!

Nobody knows. Nobody is talking. And who can fault them?

The legend is that the thirteen departed gods (and the one that stayed) each had their Words. Eleven were given to share among all of the fae, but three gods favored specific breeds: Frodleikr went to the Daeva, of course. The other two went to the other two breeds.

Not every Daeva had access to the Word, of course, but many of the oldest did. The theory goes that it was lodged in the strongest fae blood. And, as time went on, fewer and fewer fae, it is theorized, had access to the words and fewer and fewer could teach its use.

Nobody’s quite certain when it vanished from memory. Certainly, the Council still remembers it, and the oldest of fae still alive. But who wants to admit that they’ve misplaced a building block of the universe?

If the Grigori and Mara know what happened to their Words, by the by, they’re not talking

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Magic Mondays: Magic in Tír na Cali

Magic in the Tír na Cali world is held almost entirely in the bloodlines of the royal family of California, and is more rightly called psychic powers than magic.

Every grey-eyed royal member of the family has one psychic power. Examples include telepathy, mind control, Love, teleportation, telekinis, and rapid healing, but many variations exist; while “families” of powers run in bloodlines, the specific manifestation of any given child, even within identical twins, is still very hard to predict.

Power level is thought to be determined by the strength of the royal blood in one, and this is often but not always accurate. Thus, royal women are often unwilling to carry the child of any but another royal.

Powers manifest in early teens, and with manifestation, begin a slowing of the aging process that continues through puberty; post-pubescence, empowered royals age immensely slowly, and the pubescent period itself is prolonged in royals.

A millenia ago, the powers of the Californian royalty’s ancestors – who were neither Californian nor royal at that time – could barely lift pennies or sway thoughts. Today, they can move tanks. Their powers are continually evolving and growing.

What tomorrow may bring is terrifying and wonderful.

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Magic Mondays: Magic in Stranded World

The Stranded World setting is named for the way the practitioners of magic there see their world (its working title was “Spaghetti Squash World.”)

In this world, people who have the talent and skill can see – and more rarely manipulate – the strands of matter and energy that connect everything in the world, and everyone.

Some people can directly alter the flow of the Strands (or, in very rare and heretical cases, sever those strands.  Others work through some sort of focus.

All but a very few, very powerful strand-workers are specialized.  Examples of specialization include:

  • Strand-smoothing (Order-creating) – these strand-manipulators pull tangles smooth, making problems work themselves out and creating calm. Winter.
  • Tanglers (Chaos-creating) – trickers incarnate, these strand-manipulators defy expectations and shatter stagnation. Spring
  • Connection-tracers – these sighters of the Strands do very little manipulation, but their vision and comprehension of the connecting strands is highly honed. Autumn. Spring’s Star-Mapper boyfriend.

For more on Strand-Workers, see this piece

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