Second Verse, Same as the first (help Wanted, Outlining)

I am going to, for nano, rewrite Addergoole Book One.

Yeah. That. Re-write, from scratch, keeping just the framework.

I want to have a coherent outline going in.

How you can help: Noteworthy moments from the original that you would like to hold on to, fond moments, anything you think should go into the outline.


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0 thoughts on “Second Verse, Same as the first (help Wanted, Outlining)

  1. Kailani slipping out of Rozen’s grasp on Hellnight. Re a comment over on Dreamwidth, I thought Kailani hadn’t Changed. There was no reference to her Change at all anywhere that I picked up on…

  2. Hm. I like a lot of the early scenes between Ty and Jamian and Conrad and Kai and Shahin and Emrys. Once it gets to the co-written stuff there’s a lot less in the way of memorable moments, I think, and filler you can cut. I think the second half needs more sex scenes, or the first bit needs less – even the amount of sex out between people/parts of the timeline, you know?

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