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On Nano, and what I’m learning

So, I’m 26 days into nanowrimo – by my chart, that’s 86.67% of the time by the end of the day, and 80.29%
done with the writing before I start today.

This month was an experiment – several experiments, actually.

* Writing 15K fiction pieces.
* Writing fiction-for-submission serially, i.e., one after another with no break.
* writing several pieces of different lengths for nano.

What I’ve learned already is that I have a process in writing for submission that is different from my process for writing for y’all or for serials, and that messing with it messes with my brain.

The process is:
* write 250-1000 words of a piece
* throw it out
* start again.
* finish that, then edit heavily.

skipping steps 1 & 2 totally messes with me. <.< Also, wastes time.

I’ve also learned that pacing for longer short pieces is totally foreign to me and I have no idea how to do it.

also, I need/want/crave/like distraction projects. See Doomsday.

that’s it so far. See you on the 1st!~

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Doomsday – Picking

OKay, so far I have five intros:

The Birds, the Birds
Chaos & Madness
I’ll Take This One
Pick a Card
Leaving Home

Still taking character trait prompts Here.

I also have Sianna, Sweetbriar, and Austin the Samurai Catboy. (Sianna’s intro here).

2 and three might be the same character, in which case I still need one more. 4 is a boy, and also the trickster good with magic. 5 is probably dark-skinned and either blonde or blue-eyed.

I have these suggestions still:

Someone who was raised thinking Faeries Are Bad. – that is not 5 but could be 1-4
a purebred Mara Change. (those 2 @inventrix) (that could be almost any of them – later)
kid with some kind of special needs? Physcial handicap? (@dahob)

I need to put them all together.

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Doomsday Intro – The Birds, The Birds

Nano project #5 is the first novella in a series of 8, following 8 students through their 8 years at Doomsday Academy.

That means, of course, I need to figure out 8 students. Three I had pregenerated: The Catboy Samurai and his best friends Sianna the dancer and Sweetbriar the prickly. The other five…

Here’s a little something about one.

I’m about to the point where I have to start deciding if these are 5 different characters or bits from the same people. Also, I could use more: http://aldersprig.livejournal.com/977386.html on LJ or http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/849230.html on DW.

The birds were following you.

The birds had always been following you, as long as you could remember.

But you were leaving home, now. You were leaving everything you’d ever known, and the birds – the birds were still following.

The loud ones were yelling at you, which wasn’t the most fun in the world, but it was worse because you were on a wagon with other people, all of them heading towards Boom Town, Cynopolis, and they were starting to look at you funny.

A sparrow landed on your shoulder. “Oh,” the nice lady next to you exclaimed, “he must be hungry.”

You didn’t have the heart to point out that the dull coloration meant that the little bird was a girl. “Just lonely,” you said instead. “There aren’t that many sparrows around here.”

From the look on her face, it may not have been the safer answer.

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First and Last Words: Yesterday #nanowrimo

First words: Marie steadied the lemonade pitcher with her free hand and ducked her head down, hiding her expression. (I know you were all wondering what happened to that lemonade!)

Last words: “Well, you did say I was supposed to be your assistant. I imagined that would require, mmm, a certain level of assisting you.”

I think I’m going to put aside the Despot of Santa Roux now. It’s at 13,608 now and it’s all over the place.

Time to move on to Slip Contact!

Total words: 36,798

I met [personal profile] clare_dragonfly last night!

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First and Last Words: Yesterday #nanowrimo

First Line of Yesterday: She leaned back from his hand. Nobody had told her she had to obey him; then again, after a couple slaps from the slave factor’s crop, nobody had needed to tell her she was supposed to obey anyone. It was rather self-evident.

Technically, I’ve already posted the last line of last night; it was part of Pick a Card, one of the previews for Doomsday.

But the last line of The Despot of Santa Roux Finds Love is: They were, too. Marie steadied the lemonade…

A grand total of 35,456 words written, 2,482 yesterday. This keeps me at my one-day-ahead-of-par, which makes me happy.

58% done with my 60K word goal!

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Trying this a different way- help me build a cast #nanowrimo

Tell me something about a character for Doomsday (example, via Trix: They have never been to a city or large town!) and I will write a bit of an intro involving that something.

Other ideas: who their ancestor is and how that happened (Addergoole ancestry, famous person ancestry, what have you), why their change is going to be xxx, hobby, fear.

Reminder: this is approx 35 years post apocalypse, and the world they are growing up in is a mess.

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Nanowrimo – First and Last Lines

last line of last night: “And spunk. It’ll be interesting to see if that lasts. I hope it does. It’s always more fun when they have spunk.”

First line of yesterday: The bell downstairs rang. They were out of time to argue.

I’m at 32,561 words! And I wrote 2,460 yesterday.

Par for yesterday was 30,000, so I’m back on my trend of being one day ahead that I started on the second day of the month.

I *did* have to back up and start again from another direction, but all the words count. I can use most of ’em in revisions!

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Cast My 3rd Novella: Help me flesh out Doomsday

A While Ago, I asked for suggestions for what sort of traits would you enjoy reading in Doomsday students.

I got these suggestions:
Someone who was raised thinking Faeries Are Bad.
Someone who is Really Damn Good at Workings.
A purebred Mara Change. (those 3 @inventrix)
kid with some kind of special needs? Physcial handicap? (@dahob)

I’m coming to the time when I need to have these 5 characters fleshed out – 3 boys and 2 girls, to go with Sianna, Sweetbriar, and Austin.

So wanna tell me something about one of these five 8-year-olds?

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Catching up: first and last words of yesterday

Last line of yesterday: She leaned backwards instead of away from him. “Because you’re lousy at taking notes.”

First line of yesterday: It had been a fun contrast – especially since they were both so attractive, and both so determined.

I’m on The Despot of Santa Roux Finds Love, which might be in the same Clockwork Apoc setting as To Ashbury, or might be in another apoc ‘verse.

Words yesterday were 2,546, which brought me to 30,101, or just over 50% of the way to goal!

(chart is visible here: https://twitter.com/ThorneWrites/status/534041498497847296)

Back to the Word Mines!

How’ve you all be doing?

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