phrasing/word help needed

Just as importantly, he allowed himself to be led as docilely as if on a lead, through one row of tents, and another, until he was ducking through the entrance of her small tent.

It was no bigger and no more grand, than any other junior officer’s tent, but it was private. Its position was too close to the latrines and too far from the mess tent, but the awkward placing offered a little more discretion for the conversation they were going to have.

That word. Discretion. It’s not the right one, I don’t think. Help?

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  1. Privacy? Quiet? What do you want to say — that they’re not being watched, that they’re not likely to be randomly overheard, that they’re not likely to be deliberately overheard, that they’re not likely to be interrupted …?

  2. Made her worry about being overheard by some helpful young lieutenant only a passing one, not a consuming paranoia. That said, I don’t have a way to say that in one word.

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