On this Date: Addergoole Drabbles of Jamian

October 3, 2004

“Give me… four years.” Arnbjorg and Jaya were studiously avoiding each other’s glances, holding their mocha lattes and watching the steam. “Four years, until I’m done with school. I know, the extra year…”

“I can wait for another year. Especially with the kids.”

“I’ll know by then.”

“I hope so.”

October 3, 2013

“Xandro, we have to go.” Jamian handed another duffle to his oldest child. “Here, Dom. Food, clothes.”



Dom and Xandro’s objections rode over each other; they both stopped; Jamian sighed. He tried again. “Xandro. Bathroom. Dom. Food. It’s not safe anymore.”

It might not ever be safe again.

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  1. There’d be a lot of fleeing and bunkering down out of the way going on in the fae apoc timeline right now wouldn’t there?

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