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Getting Ahead of Myself: Character notes for Steam!Reiassan – Saydri

Saydri – (SAY-dree)([personal profile] thnidu?)
15 years old

Saydri is a blonde, as the far South people still tend to be – his hair is sandy blonde, his eyes are blue, and his skin is tanned, but still paler than either of the other two. He’s build tall and broad, but hasn’t really grown into it yet; he has big hands and big feet, but his body doesn’t have the breadth of chest yet that it probably will. He stands almost a head taller than the two girls.

He has the long, almost-pointed-seeming nose that’s common in ethnically Bitrani people, and thin, pale eyebrows that almost vanish into his skin

He grew up in a rather fanatical household, deep in the South, where rebellion is still a whispered idea. His family is very deeply religious, in the old form that is not practiced anywhere else, and they speak Bitrani, which has fallen from use everywhere else on the continent.

He’s quiet, shy-seeming, with a fiery temper that boils just under the surface and will erupt at the oddest provocation.

He was “chosen” for the school by a government project that seeks to make sure Calenyen ideas are percolated through the youth of the whole country, and he does not particularly want to be here.

He needs to learn to control his temper, to find a balancing point between his faith, his nationalism, and the reality of the world he lives in. He will struggle with the education and the language and find his own identity.

Also, there will be clothing shenanigans.

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Cynara: Her Second Year

Tenth in a series of character-building vignettes following a bunch of characters through their time at Addergoole & beyond.

Cynara’s First Year Vignette is here.

Year 7 of the Addergoole School; September

Cya had spent most of the summer walking, hitch-hiking, wandering around. Her father had been meant to pick her up at the airport, but he hadn’t, so she’d decided to make a months-long trip of getting back to Addergoole.

It had taken the whole summer of that to clear out the empty spot in her chest, and even that hadn’t really worked. Dysmas was gone. He’d walked away with barely a second glance. Dysmas was gone. It hadn’t even surprised her when her father didn’t show up, after that.

She didn’t feel so achey anymore, but there was still this feeling as if there was something missing. She limped into school, ignoring Luke’s irritated growls. So she’d walked back. So what? So she’d managed to time it so she met a handsome new student at the airport. So what? It was generally considered cheat, she knew… but everyone at Addergoole cheated (And he really was quite handsome).

Dysmas was gone. The loss hit her all over again as she looked at the niche where he’d sometimes snacked on her, the halls where they’d had classes, the stairs down to his suite. He was gone.

She sat on the stairs until her breath came back. He’d been using her, of course. Using and manipulating. He’d been drinking her blood for a year. He’d treated her like an employee at the best of times.

And he was gone, and she missed him. She didn’t want to think about that one too much, and yet she couldn’t stop thinking about it.


“Cya, honey! You made it!”

She looked up, only then realizing she’d been looking at her knees.

“We got the suite!”

Bearing down on her were… were Boom. Were Howard and Zita and Leofric. Smiling. All of them, smiling.

Were her crew.

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While I’m At it…

While I’m on market research – there’s that other serial 

I’m working on a serial set in the Steam era of Calenta/Reiassan.  It’s going to be a non-kinky setting with, I think/hope, a feel like the fantasy novels I enjoyed reading in my teens: coming of age and self-exploration set against grand villains and daring exploits. 

What three things would you MOST like to see in such a story?

What three things would you LEAST like to see? 

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Current Long-Form Story (50K+plus words) Projects

Current Long-Form Story (50K+plus words) Projects

Working Title Description Progress
Steam!Reiassan YA-style* serial following three new students through their school adventures Main characters developed
Missing Orders Addergoole, second gen – Fernley’s biggest problem should not be his orders vanishing 46000 out of 52-54000 words
Rin & Girey An Army healer brings the Prince of a defeated nation home with her, across difficult terrain 16000 out of 50-52000 words
Addergoole Rewrite Rewriting books one and two of the Addergoole series outlined
Kinky Fantasy A kinky serial set in a fantasy setting of some sort.  Market Research stage
Prisoners 16&23 Kink/kidnapping/dehumanization serial stalled at 7k words
Tea and Space "trying to drink tea while being dragged to strange adventures" conception stage

* which is not to say YA**
** although this story will be written far more all-ages than, say, Addergoole

One of the three with no wordcount listed will be my Nano project. 

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