A Week of Settings – Day Three: Stranded

Stranded Verse

The world is made of magic.

The world is made of connections, and in the ability to understand and manipulate those connections lies the magic.

The world is made up of the sparks of life, of creation. Every spark connects to others, and that is both magic and the building block for magic.

All of those are true in Stranded World, and yet all are untrue – just metaphors for an existence few understand well at all.

The world has connections, that much we know. Everyone and everything make connections. Those connections are often pictured as multicolored strands, tying everything together until they world is made.

Some people can reach out and tangle these strands, complicating everything. Some can smooth them. Some can tie bows in them, and some simply understand them.

In the RoundTree Family, Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer, they have one of each.

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      • Thank you! A Stranded story collection would work well, I think. A Strand for each sibling, and then you can sort of … weave them together? Alternate siblings? Anyway, not sure how many stories you have, or if any need finishing.

          • Well, as you have time. I know your plate is full now. I am just not sure how many stories you already have, that are either done, not on LJ, or mostly done. I am sure you have more than I think you do! But time to make a collection… yeah, that is a project. I would help edit! My Calibre converts ebooks, and if I upgrade Scrivener it claims to output them.

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