A week of Settings – Day Four: Superheros

Super-heroes, super-villains, aliens, altered beings, mutants; this story has it all… even reincarnation.

These stronger, tougher, faster metahumans live their lives on the stage, living out the stories they have created for themselves.

These aren’t those stories. These aren’t the high-flying exploits, these aren’t the daring rescues, these are the lies they tell the press nor the lies the press tells about them.

These stories are the superheros at home. Uncloaked, unmasked. These stories about about humanity… no matter the planet of origin.

<a href="http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/tag/verse:+superheroes
is a tongue-in-cheek look at the super-powered genre.

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  1. This makes me think of the origin behind my short, Sacrifice. I was creating a set of superpowered characters who had powers that weren’t ideal for running around in underwear fighting supervillains. The son the professor brings to the memorial service was created to be one of the children oft watched over by a character known as, The Sitter. Who was the one with powers most useful for traditional superheroing but who instead specialized in babysitting the oft powered children of supereroes. (Invulnerability + an instinctive understanding of child psychology + all the various classes required for certifications in first aid and early childhood development)

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