On this Date: Addergoole Drabbles of Gregori/The Kraken

October 24, 2004

“What about that one?”

Speed was curled against Gregori’s leg in the middle of the Dining Hall, pointing out people he thought were attractive, or tasty, or good potential subs.

Gregori ran his hands through the boy’s hair. He liked him here. It would be nice to not have compunctions about it.

“How about that one?” He pointed at a lovely Tenth Cohort, with dark eyes and honey-brown skin.

October 24, 2013
(See The Black House Stories for context)

If he hadn’t know why Pretty had chosen to live with him…

Yaminah. Yaminah, because her two years under his collar were over…

He was certainly beginning to understand. She leaned against him, her shoulder blades to his.

The enemy was inside his walls, but they would not live. His Pretty had assured his survival along with her own.

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