Be a Part of My World: An Auction for Edally Academy (my upcoming webserial)

I have opened up an auction post for my upcoming webserial, Edally Academy.

Edally is a Steampunk Boarding School, set in a fictional semi-fantasy setting on a continent called Reiassan. It’s a setting I’ve used often for fantasy stories in earlier eras of the setting (see the Reiassan landing page), as well as exploring the steampunk era.

The auction offers up a wide range of people, buildings, and things within the setting and the story to name – the House of the school the protagonist is part of, the Head of her House, the classroom Hall she studies in, the food she has for dinner.

Proceeds from this auction will work as a start-up fund for the webserial – art, advertising, domain name, server space, and so on.

Even if you’re not interested in bidding, please boost the signal.


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