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Addergoole Drabble Uno: Merry Christmas, Lee

To @Dahob’s request to this call for Addergoole prompts.

Christmas, Year 11 of the Addergoole School

Lee wasn’t any good at this Keeping stuff, but he was trying hard.

He’d gotten Altaira by accident, really by accident, trying to keep her out of the hands of Silas, who wasn’t as bad as he could be but was a lot worst than he ought to be. Once he’d had her… he’d found he kind of liked having someone around. So he was trying to do this Keeping thing right, and, he hoped, only screwing it up most of the time.

But today was Christmas, and he really liked Christmas. He really liked presents. So he’d filled the space under the tree – a real tree! Tall enough that it hit the ceiling – with presents. Not all of them were for Altaira – about half were for his other friends, and five were for the baby that wouldn’t be born for another six months – but there were a lot for her.

He was out of bed before, in theory, the sun somewhere out there was above the horizon, re-arranging the presents, cooking – actually cooking; if there was one thing he’d learned in Addergoole, it was how to cook – a hearty breakfast casserole, something he remembered from childhood. Maybe he could get Altaira to eat.

He was already dishing it onto plates and making himself a pot of coffee when she woke. “Lee? What are you doing?”

He grinned at her and hurried over with a glass of orange juice. “Merry Christmas!”

He watched her take it all in – the tree, the presents, the breakfast, the juice. And then, miracles-do-happen, he watched her smile. “Merry Christmas, Lee.”

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What’s Next?

As the post-nano emotional hangover fades, I’m looking at December and trying to figure out how to harness all this energy.

Without, of course, burning myself out.

So, what I have is:

  • Edally Academy begins posting on about January 15. By then I need:
    • at least the first 8 installations edited, cleaned up, and second-drafted
    • a web page created
    • at least one ad ready
    • at least three teasers done

  • January’s not-quite-a-nano project is Rin & Girey. By then I need:
    • to finish and smooth out the outline and figure out what, if anything, I need to change in the current iteration to make it go better in the outline.
    • to decide where it ends.

  • I have two submissions to get done in early December:
    • Superhero Romance for Good Mourning
    • 713/Kazka Oress

  • I need to wrap up and send Alder by Posts in one giant mailing of apologetic doom.
  • If I finish the submissions by the 10th, I am going to spend 15 days re-writing Addergoole Book One from the 10th-Christmas. To do that I need:
    • to finish the outline

This would leave me time for a Giraffe Call (it really would). The question is: is there interest? The last one brought in very few prompts and no $ at all. And while I love doing them, if you guys don’t like them too, there’s not so much point.

So, that’s my December and January. What about yours?

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December Addergoole Drabbles

December Drabbles!
My gift to you: Give me an Addergoole situation you’d like to see, any year, any canon characters, and I will write at least 50 words but no more than 500 on it.

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Nanowrimo is over

First words of Friday:
“A year is enough. They’ll have moved on to someone else in that time. And besides…”

Last Line on the 30th:
“I have been, from time to time.”

(This: He nibbled on her ear tip. was almost my last line, but then I got ambitious and wrote another 100 words)

I wrote 2,341 words on Friday and 1,770 words on Saturday, bringing my Inner Circle total to 25,312 and my total total to 85,967 (It loses about 100 words in nano validation but those are MS Word numbers).

And it’s done. Well, Nano is done.

What to Do in December and Possibly January will come later today.

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