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This story is in response to Guesty’s request for “more sexy/romantic Fridmar” in my December Drabbles post here (and here).

It follows directly after Fridmar and Love and And Then There’s You.

Damn the Daeva, but it didn’t let go once it had something in its teeth. Agmund had, in the end, had to make promises to get Mikhaíl to leave.

As if Agmund was the only one who needed in his life some companionship. As if Mikhaíl was not staring woefully like a dog who could not have its bone. But no, it was into Agmund’s life that there would be meddling.

He had made the promises he had to, to get Mikhaíl to stop… being so very Mikhaíl all over his office. And now he was sitting in that same office, wondering how one could not be awkward about such things. How had Doug handled it? Indeed, how had any of them handled it? Agmund knew things about his fellow teachers that he did not think they knew anyone knew.

“You wanted to see me, Professor Fridmar?” Fairuza flopped into the chair with insouciant grace.

“I did say when time allowed.” You couldn’t very well call a student to the office for this.

“Yeah? Well, time allowed.” She smirked at him. Unafraid. Agmund liked that about her. “You have something on your mind?” She shifted into Farsi. “Is there something your Student can do for you, Professor?”

“The name is Agmund, please.” He managed to find his voice, although it took more effort than it should have. “It’s your fourth year here at Addergoole.”

She leaned forward, both feet on the floor now and suddenly not nearly as casual. “I didn’t know you had a first name, Professor. Agmund. Or is that your Name?”

“It’s the name I was given.” He tilted his head at her. “Do you not wish to call me by it?”

“It sounds serious, if we’re doing first names. You’re not usually this serious.” She tried a smile. It only made it as far as her lips. “If you’re here to yell at me about not having a second kid yet, Professor, you can save your breath. I’ve got a few months. I’ll figure it out.”

Agmund cleared his throat. “Actually…”

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