This is a fill for my Dec 12 2013 card. I’ve been using the card as a prompt call, so the first Bingo has been posted free.

Column G Prompts (five stories) – freedom, lost in translation, grace, now and then, change of pace

Title: Freedom
Series: Stranded World
Prompt: Freedom
Rating: G
Warnings: Supportive family
Notes: Two of the RoundTree siblings discuss freedom

Title: Lost in Translation
Series: Addergole (Fae Apoc)
Prompt: Lost in Translation
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Story – none. Setting – all
Notes: Addergoole is a long-running setting, including two web-serials and dozens of short pieces; the setting is dystopic. This story is set apart from much of the problems of the world, however.

Title: Falling from Grace
Series: New: Fall from Grace
Prompt: Grace
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: self-harm/body modification

Title: Then and Now
Series: Dragons Next Door
Prompt: Then & Now
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Notes: none

Title: A Change of Pace
Series: Tír na Cali
Prompt: Change of Pace
Rating: G
Warnings: story – none. Setting – all
Notes: Tír na Cali is a long-running setting that involves kidnapping, slavery, and occasionally incest. This particular story involves absolutely none of that.

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