I really need a “Bingo” Icon

So… [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith just linked to a Bingo Generator, including lists she made, including:

Chromatic Characters
People with Disabilities
Asexuality & Demisexuality
Gentle Fiction (No Sex, Violence, or Foul Language)
Characterization Tropes
Setting Tropes
Plot Tropes
Motif Tropes

This, this is awesome.

I made a card. *looks innocent*

Born of a Fish 705 Foolish Wishes 750A(French) A Locked Trunk Biting the foot [The Three Languages] 671
[World Tree] Cherry Blossoms [Butterfly of Transformation] [Divine rewards and punishments 779 ](German; German) [Fear]
[Worry] Accidental Marriage FREE SPACE [The theft of fish 1] [Tom Thumb] 700 (German)
[Music lessons for wild animals 151] (German) Rummage Sale / Antique Shop Patchwork World [Odd Couple] [Mother / Father Knows Best]
[Primal Instincts] The Treacherous Sister 315 Greed 68A (The Boy and the Filberts; Aesop) The Magic Bird Heart 567 (German) [I Yam What I Yam]

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0 thoughts on “I really need a “Bingo” Icon

  1. You’ve got some seriously weird fairy tale references going on, here. Are these from one of Ysabet’s lists, or …? “The Treacherous Sister” is clearly a prompt for the The Aunt Family. There was a plot against Zenobia? Or what *was* Tansy up to, and why? Or …?

  2. Born of a Fish clearly cues Fairy Town. Are they anywhere near the ocean? Or perhaps there’s a pond or fountain, in the overgrown park or elsewhere? Or perhaps it’s more metaphorical, or backstory …

          • Is he? I’d assumed he’d married in to the family, but the only mention of him I recall is from “What to do about Auntie X”:

            “You know…” Their brother rarely spoke up. Men in the Family tended not to, after a while. Beryl had heard her father refer to them as the silent minority; personaly, she thought they stayed quiet mostly out of self-defense. Now, they all looked at Stone. Waiting. Stunned. He coughed. β€œForget TV. The five of us could manage an intervention on our own.”

            ETA: on the aunts landing page, the LJ links for Difficult Relations and What to do about Auntie X are reversed, I think. ETA2: Oh, wait, you mean Stone, not his father? Or you could write more about Willard …

  3. Music lessons for wild animals, or teenagers. What do the family teens want to learn from Eva? Or what does the kitten want to learn from Beryl? What do Eva or Beryl learn along the way?

  4. Patchwork world: worlds may be interlaced like the layers of double knitting, but you *ought* to need a gate or a key or both to cross over. (Fairy Town or Aunts?)

  5. I think there are prompts for all the squares now, so: Free Space: A retelling of or play on a classic fairy tale. Bonus points if it’s in one of your existing ‘verses.

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