By the Time Anyone Noticed

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The Addergoole setting has a landing page here, although Cleone is a new character.
Short summary of the setting: there is magic and people who can use magic (modern fantasy, and then post-apoc fantasy after, well, the apoc) The school, Addergoole, has a long-standing contract by which students tend to graduate with two children who then go to Addergoole themselves in their late teens.

This is placed somewhere after the apocalypse.

By the time anyone noticed, it was far too late.

Cleone took her children from Addergoole, walked with them out into the world, the younger on her back and the older toddling along as best he could.

She walked until she found a place she could live, and set about making it a home.

From that home, she set up a way-station for other Addergoole graduates, or so she called it, a place where those wandering could rest their weary feet and have something to eat and drink before moving on.

And from that home she set up a small school, a place to educate her children and the children of nearby people (and the children of those who passed through).

She set up fields to grow food and fiber, and bakeries to bake bread, and a game preserve in which to hunt, so that her children and the other children were well-fed and well-clothed. She had the roads in the are well-paved, so that carriages could carry the surplus to other areas, so that no child would starve nor suffer, and to carry educational materials and such as well.

She made certain the road from Addergoole to her little home was kept in very good repair indeed, and made sure that the school was always kept very clean and stocked with the best books and the best food she could acquire. Everyone in her area was very well taken care of, especially her children.

Except that nobody left.

Oh, humans came and went and just seemed to decide to stay around. Children grew up and left town and came back with wives or husbands or both. And the Addergoole grads that wandered through… stayed. Just stayed.

By the time anyone noticed, it had been a decade, and it was almost time for her oldest to go off to Addergoole.

By the time anyone noticed, she had quietly amassed an army, willing or no.

By the time anyone noticed, it was far too late for them to stop her.

They Have to Notice Eventually

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  1. Ooh, is she planning to renegotiate terms? “Why yes, I am oath bound. That doesn’t mean I still can’t screw you over five ways from Sunday.”

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