Through Biology, two drabbles

These are to [personal profile] thnidu‘s prompt here to my February Giraffe Call.

Addergoole/Fae Apoc Post-apocalypse (probably), and Science!

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“It’s not like it’s hard.” The man in the big armchair shrugged. He was, of course, smirking. “The difficult part isn’t spreading the seed, it’s waiting until it’s sprouted and cultivating it properly.”

The woman – standing, though she’d been offered a chair – was not smiling. She was, indeed, contriving to give the impression that she’d never smiled. “You speak of this like it’s agriculture.”

“Well, in a sense, isn’t it? I am farming myself a nation of followers, an army of those who will be loyal to me and mine. It’s slow, but I will rule the world.”

“They’re seeds.” Cara didn’t so much look unimpressed as give off a complete air of dis-impression. “Tiny seeds.”

Seeds were bad. Seeds could lead to a situation like Jay. Better to cut this off in the bud, as it were.

Gabrielle, Dr. Deloach, was not going to be cut. “They’re the start of something new. It’s a mood-changing plant-”

“Like tobacco?”

“Oh, no, nothing that mild. This is an edible, a carrot hybrid. It makes people susceptible to suggestion, especially in certain sequences.” Dr. Deloach smiled. “Conveniently, my father owns a broadcast station & my mother’s a caterer.”

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