Pick a Number, Pick my writing.

I have a randomized list of 18 things to write (although some are duplicates because I really need to write them). This includes:

February Worldbuilding
Bonus Round
Inner Circle
Addergoole Book One
Long Fic One
Edally Gear-up
Rix’s commish
RocNano Submit

and so on.

I can probably write between 5 and 10 today, and I’m giving anyone around a chance to be my randomizer.

Pick a number between 1 and 18 and I will write that piece (or 250-500 words thereof), in the order of replies received.

1. Long Fic One (16) – here
2. Edally Gear-up (4)
3. 713 (7) – here
4. Orig-Fic Bingo (6) – here
5. Bonus Round (3)
6. Post Summary (17.9) – here! http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/673441.html
7. Addergoole Book One (15)

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0 thoughts on “Pick a Number, Pick my writing.

    • Heehee so surprised! RocNano Submit is Number 16 (whoops! That was due on the 15th, that’s what I get for reading. Or, rather not) Long Fic One is number 16!

  1. 17.9 Today is lack of sleep day, this is what happens when I don’t sleep. I’d apologise but it wouldn’t be sincere and that’s wrong. So if this annoys you I will not be offended at all if you just ignore/delete it!

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