I have Gone Bingo Mad

au: crossover [au: space] locked in [au: alternate gender norms] [ hurt / comfort]
bets / wagers [unrequited love / pining] [ bodyswap] [ wingfic] [mind control]
matchmaker [ chosen family] [FREE
[telepathy / mindmeld} [ coming out (of the closet)]
trapped in a dream [ transformations] [road trip] [au: fantasy] [power dynamics]
au: college / highschool [fork in the road] [ presumed dead] [meet the parents / family] [futurefic]

So [community profile] trope_bingo gave me a card…

As always, I WILL write the first prompt; after that, I’ll write at least one Bingo going out from that prompt and after that I’ll write as the mood hits or as I’m commissioned to continue.

Note: although this is primarily a fandom bingo, I’m writing original fic for all, because this is me. Trope Bingo’s Definitions.

My January Card, My December Card, and a couple bonus rounds are still open, too. I’d better get writing!

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0 thoughts on “I have Gone Bingo Mad

  1. au:college/highschool – Addergoole where most of the students turn up knowing a reasonable amount (from their point of view) of what is going on when they arrive. (Let me know if that just doesn’t gel and I will try again.)

  2. Bets/Wagers: Genique and the pirates. (Whether that’s her setting up a wager with someone, or other folks betting on her in some mode, or …)

  3. meet the parents / family: Girey meeting Rin’s parents (… wasn’t that mid-conversation, as was talking to her dad while she was talking to her mom? Or did that vanish in the revisions?)

  4. Transformations: Living with the pirates changes Genique (or perhaps she changes herself). Living with Genique changes the pirates.

  5. unrequited love / pining: I’m going to guess that Genique’s new-if-short-term husband was not as surprised by this bit of paperwork as she was. (Or maybe he was, and then what *is* the Quartermaster up to?)

  6. So, I prompted to unrequited love / pining above (though with the latest developments it may not be applicable, and perhaps I should replace it?), and that prompted “locked in” at one of the daily prompt bonus rounds, so there’s at least one prompt per non-center square. So, center square! Free Space / Pick Anything: A resolution to an existing thread, plot, sub-thread, sub-sub-sub-plot, character, world, ‘verse, or other fiction component of your choice.

        • I would love to blackout all of my cards, but the Trope Bingo calls for 500+ words so it’s a bit more time-consuming (wait ’till I get to longfic bingo!)

          • At least longfic bingo lets you combine squares! … you have how many open cards, some with duplicate prompts&stories? And how many you haven’t opened up for prompts yet? Blacking them all out is going take a looooong time, and get harder as you go as you get to the less tempting prompts. Please don’t give yourself a headache with this?

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