A Locked Chest is Locked for a Reason

To [personal profile] kelkyag‘s prompt to my other bingo call.

This fills the square “A Locked Trunk.”

“Come on, Radar.” Beryl had a handful of kitty treats, not because she thought they would work, but because she was out of other ideas.

“It’s a chest, Radar, and Aunt Eva told us to go look up here.” Stone was still going by the logic-works-on-cats theory. Which might normally be the case with Radar, but right now, he was arched, spitting, and angry.

On top of the chest they were supposed to look in.

“We need g’Aunt Sarah’s diaries. Aunt Eva needs them.”

The arching settled down. “Evangaline – only Evangaline – should touch those,” Radar snarled.

Beryl sighed. “Well, dragonhorns.”

Even a Locked Chest must be unlocked: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/1121042.html

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0 thoughts on “A Locked Chest is Locked for a Reason

  1. Heh. Whatever else Radar is, he is also a cat. 🙂 And there are lines that it is not okay for even a likely future Aunt to cross? Eva is young and likely to be Aunt for a long time, but assuming that Beryl follows her, that gives Beryl less time to learn what she isn’t allowed to learn now. On the other hand, she’s only a teenager now …

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