The beginnings of a Cast List, Aunt Family

Alexandra (Z’s sister)
Bernadette (Z’s sister) (Also)
Aunt Beulah (Z’s Aunt)
Giselle (in line to be Aunt, thus a cousin of Z’s)
Mary (in line to be Aunt, thus a cousin of Z’s)
Claudette (in line to be Aunt, thus a cousin of Z’s)
Maude, Gottleib, Edith, Ida, Cousin Lewis

Elenora, Zenobia’s successor

Eliza, Mrs. Cunningham – Evangaline’s Cousin (a teacher)
Grandma Karen – Anessa’s grandmother
Anessa – a neice of Evangaline’s
Matthias – Anessa’s brother
Willard – Evangaline’s uncle (Also)
Argie – Willard’s cousin (Arges)
That Kitten

Estebana (Rosaria’s aunt), Adam, Estebana’s son, and Anselma (Rosaria’s grandmother), Ned (Rosario’s Farmer)

Other Family
Enid, Olianda’s neice’s daughter, only brothers.
Brett The next Aunt
Deborah, Hessa, Danielle, Linda, “cousins in Johnsonville,” great-great-great-Aunt Pearl, who the Grannies vanished (also) (and)
Chauncey – and Edith, Beazie, Emelda (Their Aunt, dead)(has 2 sister & one brother), Jennifer (too young), June (her mother), Sarah, Louisa (Chauncy’s older sister, married at 27), Alfred (a cousin)(married with three kids), Catherine (his wife), John Henry (2 kids out of wedlock)

Carrie and Thomas, 1802, Sarah (the Aunt), Elizabeth(25 years later aunt) and William, Harriet, John (her husband), June (William’s wife), Emily (another sister)

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  1. Also Asta, direct predecessor of Eva, and Ruan, somewhere between Asta and Elenora, though there may be another in there. I think I’m now finished this series, or at least I’ve clicked everything on the landing page. Very Odd in some ways, but fun.

    • Kelkyag & I are in the midst of the long process of putting everyone on the family tree and ordering all of the stories chronologically. It’s quite a project! 🙂

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