Fifty Years, a beginning of Reiassan/Rin for the Giraffe Call

This is to [personal profile] rix_scaedu‘s prompt here to my February Giraffe Call.

Arinyanka et al are characters in Reiassan. This is set before the Rin/Girey story.

Disclaimer: I wanted to write this and didn’t want to go back and check details, so, well, some details will probably be wrong.

“We’re so glad you could make it home for the holiday, Arinya.” Arinyanka’s mother, Inatalana, encompassed her in a hug that seemed to pull her all the way from University back to the palace and anchor her there. “Most of the rest of your siblings couldn’t make it, but Edietzhyavie is home, and so is Obezrezob. And the whole city is all decorated; it’s going to be a whole week of celebrations.”

“It’s not every day an Emperor manages to survive for fifty years on the throne.” Arinyanka’s father Egarengar was a little more reserved about the whole thing, although he did pat his youngest daughter’s shoulder. Then again, it would have been hard to be less reserved than Inatalana. “You can’t move around here without running into some sort of bunting.”

“Don’t be so dreary, Eren, you sound like a North-coaster. Come on, Arinya, it’s lovely to have you back in the Palace.” Inatalana punctuated her remark with another rib-bruising hug. “If only for a few days. You’d think the University could give you more time off.”

“It’s not-” A scream and a shout from the hallway cut them both off. Arinyanka found herself pushing her mother and father behind her and reaching for a weapon she didn’t carry within the Emperor’s Palace walls. “Is that becoming normal?”

“We are quite capable of protecting ourselves, Arinya, I do hope you realize.” Egarengar clucked, sounding mostly amused. “Especially from what sounds like one of your cousins having a problem with her festival tunic.”

Another scream cut through the hallways. Arinyanka shared a glance with her mother; both of them glared at her father.

“That’s not a tunic argument.” Inatalana’s tone booked no argument.

Egarengar shook his head. “No. It sounds like someone doesn’t want the Emperor to make it to the fifty-year mark.”

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  1. I wonder if Egarengar could subdue the assassin just by suggesting that he’d mistaken him/her for a niece in a tizzy over her clothes…

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