Food Blog 2/25/14

In which I was hungry all day…

Coffee, 1/4c 2% milk, 1t sugar
Cardio Shopping, 15 minutes
Cheerios, 1/2 cup
Clementine x2 (3?) Then another one at home
Puffed grain cake
Coco multigrain pop cake, x3
(these were an experiment. They taste… okay.)
(satisfying crunch, though)
egg salad, Weight watchers recipe, 1/2 cup
Puffed grain cake x2
Peanut Butter, 1T
Salad, doctored, with bacon, pepperoni, tomato, pepper, and so on
Small Batch Mississippi Mud Cake
(This was delicious, and about 1″ x the bottom of a bread pan. Super rich)

Edited to add
Hormone level: irritable and 1-3 days from my period. No wonder I’m hungry!

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  1. Crunch is good stuff! One observation made in the early phases of running an elimination diet — very few food choices early on — was that eating enough fat was key to feeling sufficiently fed, for him. I note that there is not much fat in your day until the egg salad. OTOH, he also dropped most starches, which involved a lot of rethinking about what constituted a proper meal. Me, I find that while I love starch, the dry starches will pretty much never fill me up.

    • That’s one reason the milk in the coffee has fat. But yes, some more fat in the a.m. would probably be a very good idea.

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