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New Year, New Goals, New Everything…

It’s a new year! It’s an arbitrary marker, of course, but I find I like arbitrary markers. I like resolutions. I like clean slates.

(This is starting to sound like the piece of fiction I wrote for January-by-the-numbers Day One).
I’m going to Do Things in 2017. Lots of things. Well, okay. I’m going to do a reasonable number of things.

I’m going to get my 365-day streak in 4theWords, because when you do that, you get fancy wings. I’m at 50-something now. I can do that.

Cal & I started our new project, so that’s a daily writing goal for me – which is conveniently just about a streak-making wordcount on 4thWords.

There’s other writing, of course: Edally and the novella thing, Patreon and all the little long-running stories here, the January By The Numbers posts (and so on and so on and so on and…)

I’m back on the weight-loss wagon, because I really want to do this. Which also means walking every day that I can stand to. T’s been looking at fountain pens (my 15-lbs goal) a lot lately, so that and my backsliding in Nov-December is really getting me geared up to do this, really do this.

Which means keeping track of everything, so hooray just starting a brand new bullet journal.

On pretty paper. With pretty pens, and banners, and all the whole shebang.

(tis a Mnemosyne, with very nice paper, a little smaller than I wanted but quite nice. Here’s a blurry picture).

I want to get the house tidy and keep it that way. I want to actually DO things in spring for the garden.

I want to work actively and consistently on the house.

I want to take a vacation, actually go somewhere. Probably the Adirondacks.

I think it’ll be a good year. I think I’m going to try for monthly goals rather than yearly, small, reachable mobile targets.

What about you? How’s your 2017 shaping up?

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In Which I’ve Discovered Bullet Journals

If you look at my twitter feed lately, you may have noticed that I’ve developed a bit of obsession.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsBullet Journals!

(my Pinterest board will tell a similar story, but we’ve already discussed how many of you don’t like Pinterest…)

I’m not all that good at remembering to do things; I’m not all that good at maintaining habits once I start them. That whole, “do a thing for xx days and then you’ll keep doing it? Doesn’t happen for me; I stop on the xx+1 day and just… stay stopped.

It’s a little too soon to tell for sure, and there’s always, of course, the question of how much I’m going to get wrapped up in the pretty bits – banners! Color coding! Icons!

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsBut at the moment, it seems to be helping me hold to things I want to remember to do everyday, so I’ll count it as at least a short-term win. Dishes every night! Walkies every night! Edally is almost back on schedule!

Bonus? I made a “weight loss” page in my bullet journal (It’s up there in the September Set-up, with the bubbles) … and then I started doing Weight Watchers again. Maybe this’ll be the thing that actually makes me stick to it this time!

Current mood: optimistic, with pretty banners. 🙂

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Daily Badges, because because

I was complaining that I would have to wait a /whole week/ for another badge (or nearly so). rix_Scaedu suggested daily mini badges.

And, of course, I ran with it.

Snowflake Badge

Here is my first daily badge for tracking, exercising, and measuring yesterday!

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Frustrations on Weight Loss

(Xposted from Twitter)

The problem I’m facing as I look at “I want to and physically need to lose weight, stat,” is that there is very little I find as pleasurable and/or as comforting as food, specifically, sugar and fat, so all my relaxation/comfort is based around food and/or sloth. I have no self-stress-relief (Except walking) or self-reward that doesn’t involve either curling up and doing nothing or eating or both.

And yes, Feast Day is not the best day to be thinking about it.

But I want to lose 4 lbs by Jan 1st and 10 by Mar 1, 20 by June 1st… So I need to DO something.
And I don’t know how to make myself STICK to it.

I wonder if I could use Habitaca (sp?) just for that…

Edited to add:

Things I am going to do include – Going back on weight watchers (the old system). And using a spreadsheet so I can play with numbers. I like playing with numbers.
Giving myself different goals. Goals I can measure quickly – like points in/exercise out – and then weight goals.
Going back to stepping on the scale every day. Every. Single. Day. And writing it down.
Starting Sunday.

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Day 1 Restart – My Fitness Pal

So, I’ve decided to make myself plug everything into My Fitness Pal and see how far I can get with weight loss that way.

It set me up with the following goals, which I’m going to playtest for a week or two before deciding if I want to keep:
Nutritional Goals
Net Calories Consumed* / Day 1,410 cal/day
Carbs / Day 176.0 g
Fat / Day 47.0 g
Protein / Day 71.0 g

Fitness Goals
Calories Burned / Week 390 cal/week
Workouts / Week 2 Workouts
Minutes / Workout 30 mins

Yesterday I netted 7 calories over, which, for not really planning ahead, I’d say is a win.

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Food Log 3/19 & 3/20

The goal is to stay as close as possible to my daily points all week because this weekend is LARP and LARP = bad food. Also tight skirt 😉

Coffee as per normal
Cheerios, 1/2 cup
egg salad w/lettuce
Coco multigrain pop cake, x3
Puffed grain cake x2
Peanut Butter, 1T
Ovaltine 1T
Gym – 1/2 hour on the elliptical, mid-range

Coffee as per normal
Cheerios, 1/2 cup
Pad Thai Tofu
Shopping – in which I have an allergic reaction to shopping, oy.
Brownies (nom)

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Food Log!

Coffee as per normal
Museli (1/3 cup, with Milk, Skim)
Gumbo & rice – leftovers and still tasty
Cardio Shopping!
Coco multigrain pop cake, x2
Salad – with hard boiled egg, bacon, balsamic vinegar
Cookies (leftovers, mostly mint chip)

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Um whoops… food logs from Friday through monday <.

Coffee,as per normal
Coco multigrain pop cake, x3
Pad Thai Tofu
Gym – 1/2 hour elliptical
1/3 c couscous – 1
Fish sticks – 5
T tartar sauce- 1
Pie – Apple, crumble top

Diner food – quesadilla, 1/2 order mozz sticks, 1/2 milkshake
Cheese & crackers w/ summer sausage

Cheese & crackers
Gumbo & rice
Cookies – chocolate chip

Coffee as per normal
Milk, Skim
egg salad w/ lettuce
corn crisps
Milk, 2%, 1/2c, w/ Ovaltine 1T

Gym – 1/2 hour elliptical

Fried chicken with veggies


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Food Log, 3/14

Coffee, as per normal
shovelling – 7ish minutes of hard work
(I have a very short driveway)

Cheerios, 1/4 cup
egg salad w/ tomato and lettuce
Coco multigrain pop cake, x3

protein shake – protein powder, water, and Milk

Butternut Soup
w/ tofu
Side Salad w/ sunflower seeds
Biscuits (Alton Brown’s recipe)

Wii, half-hour

This is the lowest-points day I’ve managed in just about forever. And sooo filling.

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Food Log, in which snowed in and can’t go to gym (whoops)

But still not a bad day.


egg salad w/ tomato and lettuce
Coco multigrain pop cake, x3
Soup w/ egg – broth, dehydrated veggies, two handfuls of spinach, and an eg.
2.5 crescent rolls (the low-fat pillsbury kind)
Butternut Soup
w/ tofu
Carob-Olive Oil Chocolate chip cookies

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