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Escape From Rochester (Camp Nano July’14 project) Character Profile 1

Let’s be honest, Lewis didn’t go to R.I.T. to meet girls, and he didn’t go to party. You don’t go to a tech school for either, especially when you’re paying more than 50% out of loans and summer job money, and you don’t aim for partying with a Biomedical Engineering major.

On the other hand, when his roommate decided that Lewis needed more socialization, Lewis wasn’t about to argue, and when Rob dragged Lewis to parties and the parties happened to involve girls, Lewis wasn’t going to argue with that either. Which is how he met Anelle, which is how he met the Oak and Rowan group, which is also how he ended up joining a Tuesday Night D&D group… which is how he ended up spending Thursdays drinking with Raven’s group out in the swamp.

Lewis is tallish, an inch over six foot. He’s muscular – even after a few months of college; he hits the gym four times a week. His eyes are dark blue, his skin fair and freckled, and his pride and joy is the mane of sandy-brown curls he wears down past his waist.

He thought about going into geology – he really likes rocks – but it was go into Biomed and pay 50% or go into geology and pay 100%, and that pretty much decided itself.

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“Does this always smell like this,” the adventures of Lyn’s nose

For most of my life, I’ve had a relatively stunted sense of smell. I can get very strong odors, some very pungent ones, and a few random smells, but for the most part, I didn’t smell stuff. It just didn’t happen.

I recently (last year) started going to a new doctor, and she prescribed an over-the-counter supplement – – for my asthma/allergies, hoping to eliminate Singulair.

And I can smell!

I mean, things I’ve never smelled at all before suddenly have nosefeels. It’s very strange – although it makes for some odd conversations.

“Do mushrooms always smell like this?”

“Does Spinach always smell like this? It smells like bad fresh-cut grass!”

and so on.

Appears yes, spinach always does smell like that. And, go figure, shit actually does stink.

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Can’t you See

I asked for fun Addergoole-related prompts here; this is from @capriox’s prompt.

Addergoole Year 36, early in the year.
“I hate it.”

Taurus stared at the mirror; over his shoulder, Aldara stared at him. He was wearing nothing except the chain collar she’d put on him and a miserable expression.

“The collar?” She thought it was a relatively nice collar; she’d Worked it a lot lighter than it looked, and it matched his coloration nicely.

“No!” He glared at her in the mirror; she bit her tongue and reminded herself that he couldn’t actually hurt her, not unless he’d found a way around his orders. “No…” He softened his voice, but only barely. “No, I hate this stupid Change. Why couldn’t I just stay human?”

“And not have magic…?” She brushed her hand over the soft fur running down his spine. “I like this. It’s soft.”

She could see the conflict on his face, where he wanted to soften for the praise and struggled against it. “One point in its favor, I guess. But it still sucks.” He lifted one hoof and then the other. “I liked being human. I liked being normal. And come on, my name is Taurus. This is a goat Change. I am not a goat!”

Personally, Aldara thought it was more sheepy than goaty, but she was pretty sure that wasn’t going to help the situation One Bit. “Well, you’ll get used to it eventually? I got used to my Change…”

“Your Change is nothing like this! It’s nothing compared to this mess! I hate it. I mean, how am I going to wear shoes?”

“You don’t need to now?”

“Lovely, my ankles will still get cold. I mean, even pants are going to be hard.”


“No! Gods, what are you, stupid?” He shook his head, making a whistling noise as the air moved around his horn-buds. “Gah! There’s got to be a way to… yessss….”

“Yess?” She ought to be saying nooo, shouldn’t she? But he got so bent out of shape when she said no…

And now it was too late. He was shouting out a Working, one she only recognized half the Greek to, something about bending light, something about…

The world was white, only white. There was no contrast, no distance, no shadow.

Aldara sat down with a thump, not bothering to feel for a chair. “Taurus.” She was mortified to find her voice angry, but she couldn’t seem to stop it. “Taurus, what have you done?

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