Meme: Crossover

Pick one:
Either a character from fandom enters one of my settings Tír na Cali, or a character(or archtype) from one of my settings Tír na Cali is transported into a fandom ‘verse.

(e.g., Derek Morgan ends up in Tír na Cali, or a Californian born-slave ends up in the Potter’verse.)

and I’ll write at least three sentences of the crossover.

My fandoms include:
Harry Potter
Criminal Minds
Almost Human
Dr. Who (mostly new-series, can fake the old stuff)
Supernatural (through Season 5 so far)

I’m sure I have others – ask and I’ll say yea or nay

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      • I’m a 4Doc fan, but Ten will do in a pinch. Bonus Squee if you could fit Sarah Jane in somehow. 🙂

    • “Oh, my, well, that’s interesting.” The Doctor fiddled with a switch and peered into the camera. “Very interesting indeed.” “Just a quick little jaunt, I thought you said.” Sarah Jane smiled indulgently at her old-so-young friend. “Where did you get us lost this time, Doctor?” “Well, now, you see, that’s the interesting thing. It’s not a where and it’s not a when.” He swiveled the monitor around so that she could see: three gingers in slave collars and little else waited on a a slender man. “It’s a possibility, it seems. And not a very nice one. Well, the TARDIS wanted us here. Allons-y!”

  1. I wonder what the inhabitants of Tir Na Cali would make of Dorian from Almost Human? [and I mean, as he actually is in show..] Mind you… if a portal to another universe is going to open anywhere, it’d be Eureka.

    • Mistrye should have known better, but she had never been good at knowing better. So when they’d gotten the blonde girl safely back to her own world, she slipped through the portal herself, wondering where it was going to go. She landed in front of a man in a beige uniform, who was staring at the portal and, it seemed, sticking a broomstick through it. “Woaah.” He stared at Mistrye, something she ought to have been used to by now. “Woaah. Jo. Jo, tell me there’s not a blue cat-girl in front of me…”

    • “Oh, not this again.” The Doctor stopped in the door to the TARDIS. “Se… What did I tell you about this place?” “What? What place is this?” Donna shoved lightly at his shoulder. “Push over, I can’t see.” “It’s the Lord Doctor.” The ginger girl, wearing little more than a gold collar and a g-string, dropped to her knees. “And he’s brother a Lady.”

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